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Stu's Reviews - Kia Sportage Estate 1.6L Petrol

I was lucky enough to test out a Kia Sportage recently, amongst other cars including various Fords and an economical but slightly less exciting Fiat 500. The Sportage was the car which was the most interesting and enjoyable to drive; so…

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24th Oct 2014 - 14:22PM

RT @CarThrottle: BREAKING NEWS: Back to the Future new trailer just released! Car Throttle

23rd Oct 2014 - 13:15PM

1/3 of cars need suspension repairs every year due to huge numbers of potholes!

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Finance Lease: A finance lease is ideal if you prefer to retain the residual value risk and benefits, and want an on-balance sheet funding method but prefer a fixed monthly payment option. What…

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