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Car Leasing Without Raised Initial Payments

It is now possible to lease a car without a higher initial payment/deposit. In simple terms, this means instalments are a single unchanging amount from the first to last month of your contract.

This is something that customers are requesting more often as the need for flexible finance options is now stronger.

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Leasing without a higher initial payment is available to both business and personal customers with no additional contract terms. However, it does require that you have a top-notch credit rating as this type of leasing (sometimes referred to by customers as "no-deposit") is reserved for only the most solvent of customers.

As a general rule of thumb, to be considered for a car leasing contract, you’ll want to have a strong credit rating (usually around or above 367 on the Equifax rating scale). For leasing without a higher down payment your score will likely need to be stronger.

You can also add in maintenance and servicing to your lease deal when selecting a deposit, but insurance has to be sorted out separately.

Example monthly rentals for leasing with no RAISED initial deposit

As you would expect, the monthly rental increases to a higher amount when avoiding a larger initial payment in month 1.

Here is an example of a quote recently run for a customer on a 24 month contract:

Standard Pricing Structure
3 + 23, 8000 miles per annum (non-maintained).
Initial payment = £779.09
Monthly payments = £129.85


"Zero Raised Deposit" Pricing Structure
1 + 23, 8000 miles per annum (non-maintained).
Initial payment = £182.94
Monthly payments = £182.94


Therefore you can see that the monthly payment is steady throughout the contract, with less to pay in the first month, but the cost throughout the lease is higher. Maintenance payments remain the same regardless of the initial payment multiplier.

How to apply

As standard, we don’t list 1 month up-front rentals on the website so customised quotes need to be created by a sales advisor. You can request this directly via a message on our contact us page. Or alternatively browse through our deals and leave a note when enquiring on a specific vehicle.

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