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Written by Marc Murphy

Air quality has become a key issue. In a bid to improve the quality of air we breathe many cities are mandated to introduce Clean Air Zones (CAZ) in 2020. These include Birmingham, Derby, Leeds, Nottingham and Southampton. Not all will be charging zones in the way that London has approached the issue with its central Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). But positive steps must be taken by these cities to improve air quality.

Motoring is one of the contributors to ‘dirty’ air, but we can do much to ensure choosing the right sort of car, with the correct technology, can reduce the impact of the car on its surrounding environment.

So if you want a low emission car to lease what are your greener choices?

    1. MINI Countryman PHEV
    2. Smart ForTwo electric
    3. BMW 330e
    4. Nissan Leaf
    5. Toyota Corolla
    6. Jaguar I-Pace
    7. Volvo XC40 Twin Engine Hybrid
    8. Mercedes A-Class A200d Sport 8G-DGT
    9. Skoda Superb iV plug-in hybrid
    10. Tesla Model 3

We’ve selected a wide range of cars for you to consider that will deliver a lower impact on the environment. These include hybrid, plug-in hybrid, fully electric and diesel – yes diesel – options for you to consider leasing. So here goes.

MINI Countryman PHEV

This is something of a pioneer for MINI. It’s the first MINI with a plug-in hybrid drivetrain. That means very low emissions of 43g/km CO2 and the ability to run in battery only mode for 31 miles. So it’s very cheap to run yet comes with all the feel-good fun factor that you would expect from a MINI, including grippy all-wheel drive. Until the MINI E arrives, the Countryman PHEV is the lowest emission MINI you can lease.

Smart ForTwo EQ electric

This is the updated new Smart, the dinky city brand of Mercedes, and the range is now all-electric. Power comes from 17.6kW battery powering a 82 hp electric motor which drives the rear wheels via a single-speed gearbox. All smart EQ models have a range of around 70 miles. There’s only two seats but its diminutive proportions make it perfect for nipping about cities. Emissions are, of course, zero. Check out our latest leasing offers on the Smart ForTwo EQ.

BMW 330e

To lease a low emission car it doesn’t mean you have to think small or compact: how about BMW’3 always desirable 3 Series? Did we see a sudden flicker of interest? Thought so… This great driving saloon is available with a terrific petrol-electric PHEV drivetrain that enables the car to be driven for 36 miles in zero emission mode and has CO2 emissions of just 38g/km. What’s more it also makes a great company car choice for business drivers, with low benefit-in-kind company car tax of 12% from April 2020. Lease your slice of low emission excellence here.

Nissan Leaf

In so many ways the granddaddy of electric cars, the British-built Nissan Leaf is now back in version 2.0 with up to 239 miles range on a single charge in the E+ version. That gives the zero emission Leaf real world driving practicality with a five-door configuration that makes it perfect for families. If you want to start leasing zero emission, then the Leaf is a great place to start with some highly competitive leasing deals.

Toyota Corolla

If you fancy driving a low emission car but going fully electric is a step too far, then here’s a very good compromise: the self-charging Toyota Corolla. Now Toyota is the master oft hybrid cars, and this new Corolla showcases all that expertise. At low speeds you can run on the battery alone before the engine kicks in very quietly. Self-charging? The petrol constantly powers up the battery so you don’t have to worry about plugging the Corolla into the mains. It all means low emissions of 76g/km from the 1.8-litre models – low emission leasing doesn’t come more dependable than from a Toyota.

Jaguar I-Pace

Here’s a way to go low emission driving with grace and pace – Jaguar’s brilliant all-electric Jaguar I-Pace. With SUV looks, but a lower than normal SUV stance, there’s drive to all four wheels from the 90kW battery. What’s even better is the potential for nearly 300 miles on a single charge, although if you constantly exercise the Jaguar’s ability to hit 60mph in a fast 4.5 seconds, you might have to charge it somewhat sooner…. For executives looking for an upmarket company car, then there’s also the benefit of 0% company car tax if you lease a Jaguar I-Pace after April.

Volvo XC40 Twin Engine Hybrid

Volvo simply cannot stop producing great cars at the moment. Each new vehicle that arrives at its showrooms looks a design masterpiece. This compact Swedish SUV is right up there, offering for the first time in the XC40 range a low emission petrol-electric plug-in hybrid set up (the ‘twin engine’ of the car’s title). It’s 10.7kWh battery means the car can travel in electric-only range for 28.6 miles while delivering only 41g/km of CO2 emissions. Fancy some of that? Then check out the latest Volvo XC40 PHEV leasing deals.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class A 200 d Sport 8G-DCT

Here’s an interesting consideration for you if you want some low-emission motoring: the diesel A-Class. It’s the only diesel we’ve chosen, but there’s a reason – it meets the highest standards set for diesel emissions, so-called 6d, which means it’s is exempt from the 4% company car tax surcharge applied to all diesel cars that don’t meet such stringent emissions. So what does that mean? It means the A-Class diesel is a significantly good choice for high mileage business users, offering over 58mpg and CO2 emissions of 107g/km. Not all A-Class diesels are 6d rated so talk to use if you are thinking of leasing an A-Class and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Skoda Superb iV plug-in hybrid

Skodas has always played the value card well, and this latest Superb model offers low emission plug-in hybrid motoring for significantly less than a comparable VW Passat GTE.  Is it worth it? Well In our opinion, the car is definitely worth considering. There’s the attraction of its 34 mile battery-only range, which should see for most commutes to work for great savings on fuel, and then there’s the peaceful quietness of its ride. Along with all the acres of space you get inside a Superb. If you want to lease a Skoda Superb iV, CO2 emissions are just 35g/km.

Tesla Model 3

The star car, the main event, the electric car everyone seems to want. In August 2019 it even reached number three (how appropriate!) in the top 10 SMMT registrations. So what do you get? You get technology on wheels, from the car’s huge tablet-style central display to the sentry system which guards the car when it’s parked. It’s brilliantly punchy to drive, even with the single motor of the entry level Standard Range Plus model, plus you’ll get 254 miles of range from a charge and zero tailpipe emissions. If this sounds like the sort of car you should be driving, head straight to our latest Model 3 leasing deals.



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