January 2017 Car Leasing Special Offers

january car leasing offers

The new year is here and people across the country are going through a period of personal development, change and reflection. You’re going to get that flat stomach you always wanted, run a marathon, build your own house and finally get rid of the old car for something fresh. Well…One of those resolutions is more likely than the others anyway.

Sadly Intelligent Car Leasing can’t help you burn off the mountain of mince pies and sparkling drinks consumed over the festive period. However what we can do is help you get a cracking new car at a very competitive rate.

Below are three car leasing special offers to kick off the start of January! You can also view our full range of specials using dedicated offers section of our site for more deals. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to lift the phone and speak to one of our dedicated advisors on 0344 3872727.

Offer 1 | Jaguar XF Diesel Saloon Portfolio – £237.99

Key Facts:

  • Transmission: Automatic
  • 0-60mph: 7.7 seconds
  • BHP: 180
  • CO2: 114g/km
  • Wheels: 18″ Alloy
  • Standard Features: 8 inch colour display screen, SD navigation, Electric front seats and wing mirrors, heated front seats.


Offer 2 | Nissan Qashqai Diesel Hatchback 1.5 DCi Acenta – £192.99

Key facts:

  • Transmission: Manual
  • 0-60mph: 11.9 seconds
  • BHP: 110
  • CO2: 99g/km
  • Wheels: 17″ Alloy

Offer 3 – Fiat 500 Hatchback 1.2 Lounge – £108.99

Key Facts:

  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Transmission: Manual
  • 0-60mph: 12.9 seconds
  • BHP: 69
  • CO2: 100g/km
  • Wheels: 15″ Alloy
  • Standard Features: 5″ touchscreen with bluetooth and DAB, fixed glass sunroof

We’ve got lots more offers to come in the next few weeks of 2017 so keep an eye out for more fantastic deals on our social media accounts and special offers section.

Driverless Cars – A World Without Traffic Jams, Delays and Wasted Fuel?

One of the banes of a driver’s life is getting stuck in traffic during busy periods. It is a stress, uncomfortable and an inconvenience for timekeeping to say the least. At the moment if you drive in any capacity there’s no real way of avoiding traffic jams, congestion and disruptions at some point or another.

However, imagine a world where traffic consistently flows without disruptions, even when the roads are at their most congested during rush hour and at peak times.

That is quite likely the reality we’ll face in the future when autonomous cars are ubiquitous. A very strange thought indeed, but it is probable that at some point in the future our roads will be entirely populated by self-driving cars. One of the advantages of self-driving (autonomous) cars is that they are fitted with 360 degree sensors/cameras and have the ability to communicate with other systems in real-time.

This ability to communicate with other systems is the key to eradicating traffic jams in the future. Did you know the majority of jams and delays today are not caused by any actual obstruction issue with the road? Traffic delays are most commonly caused by a phenomenon known as the ‘phantom traffic jam’. The following video below explains it perfectly:

In the future the road will essentially be a large interconnected network of computers (cars) all talking to one another simultaneously. This means that there won’t be the issue of getting too close to the car in front and having to brake harshly. Even if somehow this was to happen, the other vehicles on the road would be able to deal with it effectively, as opposed to the current outcome which is a jam travelling backwards like falling dominos.

As we’re finding out from the Google self-driving car, these machines are finding efficiencies and driving techniques that humans wouldn’t even consider. This article recently published in Popular Mechanics talks about how the self-driving car has found ways to achieve a 3 point turn that are quicker, safer and more efficient. However the motions of such manoeuvres are disconcerting to human occupants, and as such the cars need to be re-programmed. Humans prefer arcs and smooth shapes when performing turning manoeuvres according to research. Therefore the future of motoring development could be in overcoming the clinical efficiency of computer calculated driving.

This machine-learning of self-driving cars however translates to general road driving as well. The car will be able to automatically calculate the best route, speed and gear change timings to get you to your destination as quickly as possible with maximum fuel efficiency.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions and many hurdles to overcome before autonomous cars can be fully launched. However as we can see from this article and other research the benefits are vast and getting this technology ‘right’ could give us a hugely positive change on the roads.


Celtic FC has named a Glasgow-based vehicle leasing company as its ‘official’ car-leasing partner until June 2018 in a deal that will help raise thousands for charity.

The arrangement set up between the club and Intelligent Car Leasing sees the business provide 39 leased vehicles for a number of club players, backroom staff and other employees; 37 of which are from Kia Motors including the CEE’D and the Sportage.

The move means a big boost for the club’s charitable arm – Celtic FC Foundation – which is set to receive as much as £15,000 over the period of the leasing company’s involvement.

Celtic skipper Scott Brown joined Intelligent Car Leasing marketing executive Mairi McAslan to launch the new initiative.

Intelligent Car Leasing donates £10 to the Foundation for every single car leased through the company’s website (www.IntelligentCarLeasing.com).

Celtic FC Foundation’s key aim is to provide assistance to those who face daily challenges within the key priority areas of improving Health, promoting Equality, encouraging Learning and tackling Poverty (HELP).

Martin Brown, Managing Director at Intelligent Car Leasing, said: “We’re delighted to be named as Celtic FC’s official car leasing partner and are particularly pleased to work with Celtic FC Foundation into 2018. It’s good to know that the money we raise is used to make a real difference to the lives of those in our community and beyond.

“It’s a real honour for Intelligent Car Leasing to be an official sponsor of the much-loved football club, Celtic FC so there was no doubt that we wanted to continue our relationship with the Foundation as well.

“From a business perspective it’s good to work with club that’s both a major sports institution and a globally recognised brand.”

Tony Hamilton, Chief Executive, Celtic FC Foundation said: “We are delighted to have  Intelligent Car Leasing as the Club’s new car partner and we are so pleased that as well as providing such an excellent service to the Club and its supporters, they are making such a vital contribution to Celtic FC Foundation.

“The support of ICL will be very important in allowing us to continue our work in our important key areas. This will be vital in making a positive difference to the lives of others”.

“Everyone at Celtic FC Foundation thanks Intelligent Car Leasing for their generous support.”

Throughout the next two seasons Intelligent Car Leasing will offer football fans exclusive offers and the chance to win ‘money can’t buy’ prizes in a series of online competitions.

Intelligent Car Leasing provides car leasing and contract hire deals to personal and business customers throughout the UK.

Martin Brown added: “Through our easy-to-use website, customers – both private and business -  can browse at their own pace, see the latest special offers and promotions and make their choice with Intelligent Car Leasing.

“We take the time to fully accommodate each customer’s needs and give a truly personal service while maintaining big brand competitive prices.”

ICL Launches New Road Safety Guide

As a leasing company which wants to blog about a range of topics and not just our latest and greatest offers, ICL produces a wide range of helpful content. This time round we have written a detailed and illustrated guide on motorists and cyclists sharing the road together safely.

You can see the guide by clicking here.

It contains detailed tips on 5 common types of collisions between motorists and cyclists and how these can be avoided. There are also key tips on bicycle safety that riders should adhere to, in order to make sure that they’re as safe as possible any time they head out on the open road.

We hope you find it useful – safe travels!

5 Road Legal Vehicles You Simply Won’t Believe!

In the UK and over the pond in the USA there are very stringent regulations on what is allowed to drive on public roads and isn’t. This thankfully means that the vehicles we drive in every day are highly safe and help reduce collisions, injuries and fatalities.

However there are some really strange looking vehicles that actually pass the required safety regulations to be deemed road legal and this post sets out to highlight 5 of the most interesting models out there.

1. The Flatmobile

World's lowest car

Nicknamed the flatmobile this car is a modified 1963 Hillman Imp which was built in 2007. Standing at only 19 inches off the ground according to reports this makes it the world’s lowest car. The car is road legal but only during daylight hours as apparently it’s too low for the headlights to be safely seen at night.

2. Wind up

World's smallest road legal car


Built by the same inventor as the Flatmobile this car apparently takes the title as the world’s smallest and it’s also road legal for the UK. Measuring in at 41 inches high and only 26 inches wide it would be hillarious to see driving around (well not if you were stuck behind it on a single lane road mind you). It’s called the wind up because it looks like a small wind up toy car, not because it’s taking the biscuit!

3. A Working Batpod

Functioning batpod motorcar

Everyone wants to be Batman don’t they? Well someone built a working Batpod like what is seen in the recent incarnations of the Batman franchise. This looks like it’s a USA creation but one that seems to have been deemed road legal over there. Doubt you’ll find one of these in the UK but it would be interesting to see if it would be allowed on our roads.

4. Jet powered Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Jet Beetle in Action

You’ve probably looked at the normal Volkswagen Beetles driving about the streets and thought “why is that not jet powered”? Well you’re not the first one because someone has actually gone to the effort of building such a monstrosity. Seen out driving on public roads in the USA this is a real find and something which just couldn’t be left out this post.

5. WaterCar Python

Amphibious car on water

This one is an amphibious car that really performs both in the water and on roads. Something which most fail to do on both surfaces. Again it might not be road legal in the UK (can’t confirm or deny) but it’s certainly accepted over in the US.

This post is for entertainment purposes only. Please note all information in this post is accurate as far as we are aware but we cannot accept any liability for actions taken based on the on what is/isn’t road legal. Please ensure you independently research your local vehicle regulations before undertaking any projects or modifications.

Win a ‘money can’t buy’ experience at Celtic FC

Celtic image ICL background

Intelligent Car Leasing is running an exclusive competition with Celtic FC to offer fans a ‘Money Can’t Buy’ experience at Celtic Park on the 22nd of October for Celtic versus Hamilton.

As Official Car Leasing Partner to Celtic FC, Intelligent Car Leasing is proud to offer the lucky winner the following package:

• 4 seats in the directors’ box
• Champagne reception
• 5 course meal in the Walfrid Restaurant
• Fully expensed bar (pre and post-match)
• Half time snacks and refreshments
• Car Parking
• And a match programme

All you have to do to enter is like our facebook page (found here) and submit your details via the contact form on our competition page.

Entries close on the 23rd of September, so get yourself in nice and early to avoid disappointment!

Kia – Motoring’s Ugly Duckling?

In today’s motoring world Kia is seen as a very respectable and desirable brand. The Kia Sportage is one of the most in-demand vehicles on the market and a big seller here at Intelligent Car Leasing.

However the Korean manufacturer hasn’t always been front and centre in terms of forecourt pride. Kia was once seen as a budget brand, one for the entry-level consumer who wanted something cheap to purchase and get from A to B.

Over the past 10-12 years Kia has put a great deal of time, effort and marketing budget into its transformation. In this post we will look at a snapshot  of Kia’s transformation from its UK launch in 1991 to date.

The Old Generation

Kia Pride | 1986 – 2000

Kia Pride 1991

Kia Concord | 1987 – 1996

Kia Concord

Kia Sephia | 1992 – 2003

Kia Sephia


The New Generation

Kia Sorento | 2002- Present

Kia Sportage 2nd Gen Onwards | 2004 – Present

Kia Pro-Ceed | 2006 – Present

As you can see Kia’s design has went from boxy and quite frankly dull designs to an overall more sharp, modern and sportier appearance. Cars are now equipped with crisp alloys rather than plastic wheel trims. The lines actually compliment the cars shape rather than just hold the panels together. The interiors are still made of cloth as standard, but have a real feel of quality to them.

These changes have pushed Kia firmly into the middle sector of the market, making the brand an attractive yet still mostly affordable car manufacturer. Check out our current Kia Deals today for some great offers!

10 Crazy Car Inventions That Never Made It

The automotive industry has always been an innovative space pushing the boundaries of design and technology. There have been some fantastic successes over the years, including Satellite Navigation Systems, Self-Parking Cars and now even Self-Driving Cars. However for every life-enhancing invention, there is also a graveyard of failed zany ideas.

This post details some of the ambitious, foolish and downright insane automotive inventions which have been attempted over the years (that never made it).

Think we’ve missed any? Let us know in the comments section below or on social media!

#10 An external ‘Dog Sack’ to transport your canine friends around.

Ever get worried about dog hairs on your back seat or in the boot compartment? Don’t have room for a pet and passengers? This ‘dog sack’ was an attempt to create a solution to these minor niggles. Just strap it onto the side of your car, pop in your pooch and hope nobody tries to overtake you too closely!

Image of advertisement for a car dog sack

#9 A single glove to remember which side of the road to drive on.

This invention came to light via the much loved BBC TV programme ‘Dragons Den’. The inventor thought it’d be a great idea to have something to remind drivers which side of the road to drive on when in a foreign country. A noble cause indeed, but wearing a single glove on your right hand is not the solution! If you’re prepared enough to go out and buy a dedicated glove to remember to drive on the right, then you’re probably the sort of person who’d remember anyway.

Single Driving Glove

#8 A steering wheel tray for eating on the go.

Ever get sick of McDonald’s drive through? Why not have a full steak dinner on the go with this portable tray which turns your steering when into a mini-table?

Besides the obvious safety concerns of such an accessory, there is also the fact that you’d need to be driving in a straight line for it to work. A single turn of the wheel would send your food and drink flying!

Tray attached to steering wheel

#7 An in-car record player.

These days when the radio isn’t playing the songs you want, you turn on the smartphone, connect via Bluetooth and away you go. However it wasn’t always that way, in the not so distant past we used to use CDs regularly… preceded by the humble cassette.

The inventor of this piece of in-car tech was determined to bring LPs to the automobile. An ambitious feat, seen as how even the smallest vibration can send the needle jumping!

However with a new resurgence in vinyl popularity we may see another brave attempt at taking this invention to market.

Dashboard record player for car

#6 A pedestrian collision detection system.

Now we all know that when you are driving blindly and crashing into things you need to know, was that a human I hit or not. Right?

Well that’s what the person who registered a patent for a pedestrian collision detection system seemed to think. The logic behind it is simply warped and we’re glad no manufacturers ever used this system.

Pedestrian collision detector

#5 The in-car microwave oven.

Do you ever have a long journey on the motorway and think to yourself, I could go a baked potato whilst driving? If so then you’re the target customer for the in-car microwave. There have been several designs for this concept cooker both using a plug from the cigar lighter and built-in versions too.

No matter how you power it though, the in-car microwave seems destined to remain a blast from the past idea.

In Car microwave

#4 An exhaust based hamburger fryer.

As if the in-car microwave wasn’t bizarre enough, this company decided that it was time to use the heat generated from exhaust fumes to cook burgers. They claim that the cooking compartment is completely separated from the main pipe making the carcinogenic fumes safe.

If you really want a burger that bad then maybe it is worth the risk, but it’s probably safer just to pull into a service station.

Exhaust hamburger fryer

#3 The toilet car seat.

Speaking of service stations, we all occasionally need to pull in for a toilet break on long distance journeys. That is because we don’t have a toilet built in to our car seats of course!

The inventor of this built-in toilet bowl must have had very little manners, or simply didn’t mind filling the car with foul odours. That’s the first of the problems with this idea, never mind the hygiene issues that will inevitably follow.

Car Toilet Seat

#2 The nuclear powered car.

Nuclear power is an unrivaled source of energy, yet it is also extremely volatile and dangerous. Besides the complexities of car mechanics needing to understand nuclear physics, safety concerns are also a big inhibitor of using nuclear energy to power automobiles.

Ford did however create a prototype model of what a nuclear vehicle might look like with the Nucleon though.

Ford Nucleon

#1 The flying car.

Undoubtedly the holy grail of the automotive innovation world is the flying car. Dreamed of by many, tried by few it is still to become a realistic form of transport for the public consumer.

There have been some attempts but all have eventually been scrapped. Perhaps one day we will be flying to work, but at the moment it’s still a dream.

Flying Car

The Worst Car Driving Habits That Annoy Van Operators Revealed

Van on Road

Bullish, aggressive and arrogant are all terms which have been used to describe commercial vehicle drivers. However car drivers are subject to an equal amount of criticism and certainly aren’t blameless according to Britain’s white van men. To coincide with the launch of their new commercial vans section Intelligent Car Leasing surveyed 1000 LCV drivers to ask what the most annoying habits of car drivers are.

The qualitative survey which produced some interesting responses had 4 answers which popped up time after time. You can see the results below with additional comment, from Guardian Removals who use vans on a daily basis in their operations.

1. Car drivers who overtake vans and then slow down in front. (top response)

“We’ve definitely noticed this. And while I can see how this can be frustrating (and it often frustrates us), I can also understand why drivers often do this. Although our vans aren’t massive, they could still potentially obstruct the view of the drivers behind us. But overtaking doesn’t really solve their problem; it just means that our van is now on their tail, which for many drivers is equally distressing”

2. Car drivers tailgating vans on roads with no overtaking lane.

“Drivers that are happy to sit in our blind spot aren’t just putting themselves in danger, they’re also endangering our drivers. For many van drivers, this would be a signal to speed up. But as a removals company we often have valuable items in our van which means we tend to drive slowly. Driving close to the rear of our van doesn’t make us speed up, and drivers are putting themselves at risk when they do this. Our vans are plastered with our company branding and logos, so we don’t want to be seen speeding or driving too fast when we have items in our vehicles.”

3. Car drivers thinking their vehicle is much wider than it is.

“Driving a van requires patience and skill, and trying to navigate round a city centre in a van can be daunting for amateurs. But our vans aren’t much bigger than many modern cars, and we have no problem getting down the same roads and streets that other drivers do.

I do think there is also a feeling of indestructibility in a van; you’re much higher up than most other drivers, and you’re willing to give anything a go, safe in the knowledge that most other drivers will let you through. I suppose you could almost describe it as a sort of arrogance!”

4. Parking a car over two spaces.

“Trying to find a parking space is frustrating enough without having to drive past cars that are taking up more than their fair share of space. Plus, we’ve got heavy items to carry into houses – the last thing we need is to be parked round halfway up the street

However, I will concede that van drivers can be just as bad for taking up 2 spaces, but it could be argued that their size warrants the space. Better to have a van safely taking up two spaces rather than squeezing into a tiny space that could damage the vehicle or surrounding vehicles.”

So it seems car drivers certainly aren’t blameless and cause their fair share of frustration on the road as well.


[1] When covering any information from this release please cite intelligentcarleasing.com/vans as the original data source.

[2] Data gathered via Google Consumer Surveys and telephone interviews (May 2016).

[3] Additional comment on survey results provided by Guardian Removals – http://www.guardianremovals.co.uk/