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  • What is Car Leasing?
    Car Leasing is a simple and cheap way to hire a vehicle in the long term. Personal and business leases are entirely flexible and can be tailored to suit your exact needs. You can adjust your contract terms to have high mileage, low initial payments, including/excluding maintenance and spanning anywhere from 2-4 years in length. You can find out more in our detailed personal and business car leasing guides.
  • What's included?
    Leasing a vehicle is a hassle free way to get on the road. When you take out a leasing contract with ICL, all of the following is included as standard: road tax, full manufacturer’s warranty, free delivery and dedicated support throughout the lease. Optional bolt-ons include maintenance, servicing, repairs and breakdown cover.
  • Does a car lease make sense for you?
    Car leasing is best suited to drivers who want a fixed monthly payment and know the expected annual mileage they will cover. Leasing is the lowest cost method of driving a brand new car and offers considerable savings compared to buying a car. If you have a good credit score you can easily qualify for the cheapest deals available on our website! People with poor credit scores can still get a lease, however the monthly payments will be considerably higher.
  • What is a personal car lease?
    Personal car leasing is the best option for employed individuals and sole-traders who aren’t VAT registered. Prices for personal deals are quoted with tax included as standard as it cannot be claimed back. One of the main benefits of personal leasing is that the credit check is done against a single individual and not an organisation. This allows business owners who have not been trading for long to still obtain a car lease.
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  • What is a business car lease?
    You can qualify for business car leasing if you come under one of the following classifications - limited company, partnership, sole trader or public company. There are various advantages and tax implications which are beneficial including VAT reclamation, increased return on investment (ROI) and better cash flow management. Business leasing is more suited to established companies, however new companies can still apply if they have at least 3 months' bank statements and are willing to accept amended contract terms.
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Commencing in 2014, Intelligent Car Leasing launched a brand new partnership with the charitable arm of Celtic FC. The CelticFC Foundation delivers community based projects supporting those with health, equality, learning and poverty based issues. For every car ICL leases £10 is donated to the charity.