Best Cars To Lease in 2023

Written by Marc Murphy

It’s the time of year where we often look to make changes, and switching into a new car could be a great idea. Many drivers are looking at ways to reduce their outgoings because of the cost of living crisis, but whether you’re looking for something larger or smaller, faster or more efficient, we have a great selection of the best cars to lease in 2023.

  1. Volkswagen ID.Buzz
  2. Kia Niro EV
  3. Fiat 500
  4. Renault Megane E-Tech
  5. Volvo C40
  6. Lexus NX
  7. Citroen C5 C
  8. Gensis GV60
  9. Tesla Model Y
  10. BMW i4
  11. Mercedes-Benz EQE
  12. Kia EV6
  13. MG4
  14. Mazda 2 Hybrid
  15. Toyota Aygo X
  16. Cupra Formentor
  17. Volkswagen up! GTI

Leasing is an easy way to keep on top of your monthly motoring costs, whether as a personal or business driver. The low running costs of electric vehicles mean they play a significant part of the below list, but there are a range of models to suit all needs, including a section for those models costing less than £275 per month.


Best Electric Cars (EVs) to lease in 2023

Volkswagen ID.Buzz

The eagerly-anticipated “electric Samba Bus” has arrived in the shape of the Volkswagen ID. Buzz. Making good use of VW’s all-electric platform, the ID. Buzz packs plenty of practical space into its evocative shape.

The MPV – also available as a van as the ID. Buzz Cargo – has a range of up to 258 miles on a charge, and can be quickly topped up in less than half an hour from a high-power charger. Find Volkswagen ID. Buzz lease deals here.


Kia Niro EV

Kia had a tough task to follow up on the original Niro with the “difficult second album”, but it succeeded. The new Niro EV – also available as either a hybrid or plug-in hybrid – has a  range of up to 285 miles, plus features bi-directional charging (you can connect three-pin plugs to the charge port and use the car to power electrical items).

The practical crossover proved hugely popular with leasing customers in its first iteration, and this second generation version is more stylish and has higher levels of equipment. Take a look at our Kia Niro EV offers.


Fiat 500

The little Fiat 500 is a brilliant city runabout, and has been for years. However, the latest Fiat 500 is all-electric only, and that makes it even better.

Ideal at nipping about urban areas, the 500 is available as either a hatchback or a convertible. Both are stylish, likeable, and perform well on the road. Two battery options are available in our Fiat 500 leasing offers, and the longer range version will cover around 200 miles on a charge – so you don’t have to stick to the city.

Renault Megane E-Tech

Renault has switched the Megane hatchback to an electric-only model, which is a bold move. However, since the French firm has considerable expertise in making electric cars – the Zoe has been around for more than a decade after all – it has strong foundations on which to build.

The Megane E-Tech is the first of Renault’s next generation of electric cars, and sees new motor and battery technology combine to offer a very good family car. It’s spacious, stylish, and has a new infotainment system that makes the most of its Google-based platform. Discover Renault Megane E-Tech leasing offers here.

Best SUVs to lease in 2023

Volvo C40

Volvo offers a wide range of SUVs, but the C40 is one of the best on the market. Based on the XC40 family-SUV, the C40 sacrifices a tiny bit of boot space for more style. It also feels sportier to drive, and with drivers wanting both electric cars and coupe-SUVs, the C40 sits in the middle of that particular Venn diagram.

A minimalist, Swedish-inspired interior works nicely and is a lovely place in which to sit, while range is good for 274 miles. It’s quick thanks to dual motors available for the top-level model, and charging takes less than half an hour on a high-power charger. Lease Volvo’s C40, a coupe-SUV that backs up its style with plenty of substance.


Lexus NX

A car that often goes under the radar, but unfairly so. The Lexus NX is a family-sized premium SUV available as either a conventional hybrid or plug-in hybrid.

Both are beautifully appointed inside, as we have come to expect from Lexus, and the distinctive styling means it looks great too. The PHEV has a long electric-only range, but the hybrid will be the more popular for many customers with its lower leasing prices.


Citroen C5 X

Nobody really knows into which pigeonhole the C5 X fits – least of all Citroen – so this estate/crossover/SUV finds itself in this section. Thankfully, it manages to be many things rather than fail at meeting any one function, so it’s a practical model with a focus on comfort.

Offered as either a petrol or plug-in hybrid, the C5 X sees Citroen return to the odd-but-excellent territory it held for so long, with the innovative thinking shining through. Find Citroen C5 X leasing offers here.


Genesis GV60

A new name for many – Genesis is Hyundai’s premium brand (think what Lexus is to Toyota) – the GV60 is an excellent electric SUV. Based on the same platform and using the same powertrains as the award-winning Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6, the GV60 has a long range and ultra-fast charging speeds.

A more premium prospect than Hyundai or Kia models, Genesis has also engineered in a little more sportiness to the GV60, which is either stealthy and understated or dramatically in your face, depending on the colour scheme selected. Pick a Genesis GV60 lease here.


Best business cars to lease in 2023

Tesla Model Y

Tesla has become a firm favourite of business customers, and it’s easy to see why. Long driving ranges, a premium interior, plenty of space, and accessible pricing mean many have been able to switch to low-cost, low-tax electric cars easily.

The Tesla Model Y continues this theme, in the most popular sector yet. A midsize premium SUV, the Model Y keeps the long driving ranges and performance potential Tesla has become famous for, but wraps it in a taller body with the ability to specify a seven-seater version. Go here for Tesla Model Y leasing offers from Intelligent Car Leasing.


BMW i4

This is what happens when BMW answers the call for an electric version of the BMW 3 Series. The BMW i4 may be slightly closer to the 4 Series Gran Coupe – itself a darling among business drivers – but you get the gist. It’s an all-electric executive saloon, with no compromise in performance, range, or equipment.

In fact, the i4 will cover up to 365 miles on a charge, and is faster than comparable models powered by petrol or diesel engines. Take a look at BMW i4 lease deals here.


Mercedes-Benz EQE

If you’re looking for a large executive saloon, the mind automatically turns to Mercedes-Benz – and with good reason. So you could well be thrilled to know that the EQE is Mercedes-Benz’s latest model in the sector, and it’s all-electric. A colossal range of more than 380 miles is available, and drivers will get the Mercedes-Benz build quality and luxury they would demand from the three-pointed star brand. All with the lowest BIK rates around for company car drivers. Find a Mercedes-Benz EQE leasing offer.


Kia EV6

The EV6 is not just one of the best EVs on the road, it’s one of the best cars in its price bracket full stop. With a long driving range, striking design, spacious interior, and ultra-fast charging speeds, the Kia is an EV with no compromises.

As such, it makes a great case for itself as a business car, with leasing costs making it competitive against rival models, and low benefit in kind rates. Kia EV6 leasing deals can be found here.


Best business cars under £275 to lease in 2023


MG specialises in affordable electric cars, with three now on its books – and all are very good. With the latest, the MG4, drivers don’t need to compromise on style or build quality either, yet can still get an electric hatchback, with a practical interior, and long driving range.

It’s a potential game-changer in the UK market, undercutting rival EVs by around £10,000, which translates to significantly lower monthly leasing costs.


Mazda 2 Hybrid

Mazda has two different 2 models; the long-established original, and the new 2 Hybrid. This is effectively a rebadged Toyota Yaris Hybrid, and comes as part of a tie-in between the two Japanese manufacturers.

As such, drivers get the familiar and efficient hybrid system as found in many Toyota models, but with a little more flair and premium quality thanks to the Mazda badge. Discover our Mazda 2 Hybrid leasing rentals.


Toyota Aygo X

The Toyota Aygo X has shocked a large number of drivers as to how good it is. The micro-crossover drives well, handles nicely, and proves an efficient little runabout.

It’s also stylish, and adds a youthful air to the entry point of Toyota’s range. Combine a well-designed interior, easy-access crossover stance, and fun-to-drive dynamics and the Aygo X is understandably proving a popular choice with leasing customers.

Best hot hatches to lease under £275 in 2023

Cupra Formentor

Cupra’s first stand-alone model – other than tuned versions of SEAT models – is the Formentor, and it’s a stylish take on hot hatchbacks. With crossover styling, it’s not a true hot hatch in the traditional sense, but it’s much more likely to appeal to a wider range of customers.

A choice of powerful engines – including plug-in hybrid versions – mean performance is guaranteed, and the Cupra engineers have made sure that it does well in the twists and turns. Find Cupra Formentor leasing deals here.


Volkswagen up! GTI

The current definition of a ‘pocket-rocket’, Volkswagen’s up! GTI is reminiscent of those classic hot hatches from the likes of Peugeot and Renault. It’s light, packs a punchy little engine, and prioritises smiles over outright pace.

This means it’s not only relatively inexpensive to lease, but that the performance is accessible and safe on public roads. Few cars on Intelligent Car Leasing’s  website will give you as much fun for the money as the up! GTI. Discover Volkswagen up! GTI deals here.


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