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Best Cars To Lease In 2021
Best Cars To Lease in 2021

If your new year resolution was to brighten up your life by leasing a new car, then welcome – we have a great selection of the best cars to lease in 2021. Whether you want to try a personal lease for the first time, or are tempted by the benefit-in-kind value offered by an electric […]

New Research Highlights Working Mums Enter 2021 “More Resilient Than Ever”

In line with the launch of our new family leasing hub, we’ve conducted a detailed study on the impact of COVID-19 and Lockdown on the UK’s working mums. The majority of working mums will enter the New Year more resilient and with stronger relationships with their children, according to a new study* by The […]

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Mercedes is top of the charts, but where’s the all-electric A-Class?

There’s no question, 2020 has been a challenging year.  But despite the pandemic, we’ve found that the desire to lease a car is stronger than ever. For those of us who can’t work from home or work for an essential service, the daily commute is as real in 2020 as it was last year. That […]

Electric Concept Car
Electric Concept Cars – Upcoming EV’s For 2021 and Beyond

The ultimate expression of leading – and upcoming – automotive manufacturers’ engineering and design imagination, concept cars provide a glimpse into the future; with many scheduled to hit UK roads in the not so distant future. Following the UK government’s recent announcement of a 2030 ban on the sale of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles, […]

Most Searched Car Brands in the UK

According to a recent YouGov study on manufacturer popularity in the UK Rolls-Royce topped the list as the nation’s favourite car manufacturer, followed by Bentley and then Jaguar. Not surprisingly, all of which have a strong British heritage. However, do these popular British brands fair as well in terms of actual Google searches? have […]

Tesla Model 3 Sentry Mode
Tesla Model 3 Sentry Mode and how it works

In the first part of my experience of living with the Tesla Model 3, I covered what it was like to live with the all-electric car without a home charger. An experience that to my surprise, and against conventional wisdom, has been effort-free and without any charging or range anxiety. You can read more about […]