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Winter Driving Tips
Winter Vehicle Survival Kit

This study was proudly brought to you by Intelligent Car Leasing. For specials, please don’t hesitate to visit our car leasing deals page for thousands of leasing offers. A higher resolution version of our infographic is available for download here.  The Ultimate Guide to staying safe on the roads this winter (2020/2021 Update) The winter months […]

The ultimate guide of UK driving statistics

Are you searching for data about the driving landscape in the UK? Do you want to know how many car trips happen in the country or how much time drivers spend in their cars in general? How about the most common new registered or used cars and their colours? The ratio of alternative fuel cars […]

Top 5 Best Hybrid Cars (2020)

It’s fair to say that Hybrid cars have come a long way since the iconic launch of the Toyota Prius back in 2000, so much so that the hybrid car is now a common feature on UK roads; accounting for thousands of new car sales and leases every year. If you’re not quite ready to […]

Best 7-Seater Cars
Top 14 Best 7-Seater Cars

In the past, buying a ‘seven-seater’ car felt more like a necessary evil than an auto-enthusiast’s first choice – a case of storage space over style. The common sense wisdom held that a workhorse, van-like “MPV”– such as the iconic Renault Espace (which has sold more than 1.3 million vehicles since 1984) – was the […]

Celtic and the cars that made them

The Scottish Premiership 2020/21 season is coming and we’re excited to see if Celtic can secure a record 10th league title in a row. Since 2014, Celtic and Intelligent Car Leasing have partnered together for both commercial and charitable reasons. Celtic FC Foundation has benefited massively over the last 6 years with Intelligent Car Leasing […]

1 in 5 British Drivers Rarely Clean Their Car, New Study Reveals

Britain, You Should be Ashamed of Yourselves! It turns out that there’s some seriously dirty driving going on, and by that, we don’t mean undertaking on the motorway or middle lane hogging… A new and updated survey conducted by Intelligent Car Leasing has revealed some eye-opening statistics on how regularly drivers in the UK actually […]