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All-Inclusive Car Subscription

Our car subscription service, provided by our partner Wagonex, provides an all-inclusive car offering for a fixed monthly fee. Susbcriptions are available with flexible contract lengths of 6 to 24 months. Service, maintenance, roadside assistance and insurance are all part of the service provided by Wagonex, so all you need to do is sit back, enjoy the ride, and change as frequently as you like!

How car subscription works

How does car subscription work?

With car subscription there are no long term contracts, no hidden fees and everything is included in the monthly price, including insurance.  Just add fuel (or charge if EV) and enjoy the drive. 

browse cars on subscription

Sign up to Wagonex and take a look through the choice of all-inclusive subscription products. Choose a timeframe and budget that suits you. 


Get Car

Once you're happy with your chosen subscription, simply click 'Get Car'. Our checks will take less than 15 minutes. 


Run credit check

As your subscription includes car and insurance our partner, Wagonex, need to run a credit check, along with a few quick DVLA checks. 


payment methods

All payments are made by credit card and direct debits are fully automated. However, nothing is taken until delivery is confirmed.


Take delivery of car

With subscription, a delivery cost applies. This depends on your choice of car and location. Please note that additonal costs can vary. 


All-inclusive subscription

Service, maintenance, roadside assistance and insurance are all part of the service provided by our partner Wagonex, so simply sit back and enjoy the ride!


Switch car

People's needs change over time, which is why subscription enables you to switch cars frequently. 





Electric Car Subscription

Electric Car Subscription

Are you wanting to experience an electric car but are not quite ready to commit for the long-term? An electric car subscription could be the perfect solution.

We have a wide choice of All-Electric and Hybrid Electric cars available on short flexible contract options of 1 to 24 months. Simply choose how long you would like to drive the electric car for, then subscribe and drive. It's electric car driving, made simple.  





Flexible driving

Driving with complete flexibility

Our subscription offering, using the Wagonex platform, is built on flexibility. Our aim with this offering is, quite simply, to provide our customers with more choice and freedom when making their next mobility or driving decisions. Have a convertible for the summer, an electric car to reduce emissions or an SUV for those winter months. The choice is yours with our car subscription service!


Switch now

Ready to switch to car subscription?

To get started, and to view all our cars that we have available on subcription plans simply click below. It's free to look. 






FAQs on Car Subscription
  • Car subscription is a flexible, all-inclusive means to drive a car. Cars on subscription are typically available on 6 to 24 month contracts and include everything from maintenance, service, roadside assistance to the car insurance.

  • Yes, car subscriptions are available in the UK, and we are the first leasing broker to offer this service. In addition to subscription, leases are also available for slightly longer periods of 24 months plus. This would be ideal if you would like to keep the car for longer. Look at our deals page for the latest offers.

  • As with leasing, the price of a car subscription varies depending on contract length and the type of car you have selected. Make sure you select a subscription or leasing package that fits in with your monthly budget.

  • No. Car subscription provides access to a car for a shorter period, usually 6 to 24 months, whereas a car lease is typically available for 24, 36 and 48-month periods. With car leasing you will also need to obtain your own comprehensive insurance.

  • This all depends on the package that you have selected. We recommend comparing these prices to our leasing deals which although slightly longer in contract length can work out much cheaper at present on a monthly basis.


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