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Is an all-inclusive Car Subscription for me?

Our car subscription service, provided by our partner Wagonex (a subscription marketplace with vehicles from a range of leading suppliers) provides an all-inclusive car offering for a fixed, and flexible, monthly fee. 

A car subscription is the new kid on the block as far as driving a new car goes. It's just like many of the subscription offerings you may already be familiar with, whether this is your gym membership, TV and film content (for example Netflix) or food and beverage such as a monthly wine subscription where 12 different bottles of wine appear on your doorstep each month, for a monthly fee you have access to an all inclusive car.

Crucially, at any stage, you can step away from the subscription.

And that’s where a car subscription is very different from a normal car lease. Car subscription gives you flexibility, whereas a car lease is a longer term commitment. With a car subscription you can flex your term - maybe just one month, six months, a year! A car lease is a longer term commitment, over a period of 24 to 48 months, with termination costs if you exit early from the agreement.

Another major difference is that a car subscription is a package - everything is included (that goes for insurance, too, which can be added as an additional option) in one monthly payment. Whereas car leasing is more do-it-yourself - you need to add insurance, maintain the car and get it serviced. Of course, there is a difference in the price: a car subscription is more expensive per month because you are paying for the convenience of the all-in package. With car leasing you bolt on the extras yourself.

How does car subscription work?

With car subscription there are no long term contracts, no hidden fees and everything is included in the monthly price, including insurance. Just add fuel (or charge if EV) and enjoy the drive.

Here are the simple steps to a car subscription.

Browse our available cars on subscription


There’s a range of different cars you can choose from. Choose the car that suits you, along with the period you want the car for (3 months, 6 months and so on) and the mileage you'll cover. 


Get the car of your choice

Request a car

Once you're happy with your subscription package, you'll need to answer some questions to help with the checks and approval decision. 


Credit and DVLA checks


If you’re under 25 or have CCJs you might not be eligible. Wagonex will run a soft credit check plus some affordability and driving license checks.


Paying for your car subscription


All payments are made by credit card and direct debits are fully automated. However, nothing is taken until delivery is confirmed.


Taking delivery of your car subscription


With subscription, a delivery cost might apply. This depends on your choice of car and location. Please note that additonal costs can vary. 


Enjoy your new subscription car

Your car

Service, maintenance and roadside assistance are all part of the service provided by our partner Wagonex, so simply sit back and enjoy the ride!


Switch your car frequently


People's needs change over time, which is why subscription enables you to switch cars frequently. 


electric car subscription

What about Electric Car Subscription?

This is where car subscription becomes really interesting!

With electric car subscription you can try out electric cars without committing to anything long-term. You can see if you like the electric driving experience, how electric can fit in with your motoring requirements, discover if range anxiety is real and so on. What’s more, electric car subscription is available to both consumers and business customers.

Why should I choose electric car subscription for business?

Many of the reasons for choosing electric car subscription for business are the same as why you would choose it for a personal subscription: flexibility and the all-in-one package. But it can perform a really useful product for providing new starters with a car during their probation period before committing to a longer term lease once they are finished probation.

Alternatively, subscription is ideal for employees or sub-contractors on a project that requires car use for a defined period of time. It provides a fully maintained car for the duration of the assignment, again without committing the business to a long term contract.

Finally, subscription can be a highly useful bridge for your company’s move to an electric fleet, allowing staff to try electric before longer term commitment through a contract hire agreement. As company car tax benefit in kind on electric cars is so low (a Renault Zoe can be as little as £10 per month) there is little impact on the employee. So electric car subscription is a really useful tool for employers, providing all-in-one motoring for staff without the need for fleet management, and ensuring that the car you provide is suitable and safe so all duty of care compliance is met.

Flexible car subscription

Driving with complete flexibility

So if you are wondering about taking out a car subscription, the key thing to consider is what you want. Most people looking for a car subscription want the convenience of the complete package in one monthly instalment and the flexibility to step away at their convenience.

It’s also a great opportunity to try a different variety of vehicles. Especially if you are undecided on what really suits your personal circumstances. And that’s simply because a car subscription will allow you to swap between different cars.

So if you want to experience a few different types of vehicle before committing to a longer term lease, then car subscription is the ideal platform to provide you with that choice.

Enjoying your new car subscription

Ready to switch to car subscription?

To get started, and to view all our cars that we have available on subcription plans simply click below. It's free to look.



FAQs on Car Subscription
  • Car subscription is a flexible, all-inclusive means to drive a car. Cars on subscription are typically available on 6 to 24 month contracts and include everything from maintenance, service, roadside assistance to the car insurance.

  • Yes, car subscriptions are available in the UK, and we are the first leasing broker to offer this service. In addition to subscription, leases are also available for slightly longer periods of 24 months plus. This would be ideal if you would like to keep the car for longer. Look at our deals page for the latest offers.

  • As with leasing, the price of a car subscription varies depending on contract length and the type of car you have selected. Make sure you select a subscription or leasing package that fits in with your monthly budget.

  • No. Car subscription provides access to a car for a shorter period, usually 6 to 24 months, whereas a car lease is typically available for 24, 36 and 48-month periods. With car leasing you will also need to obtain your own comprehensive insurance.

  • This all depends on the package that you have selected. We recommend comparing these prices to our leasing deals which although slightly longer in contract length can work out much cheaper at present on a monthly basis.

  • Yes, there are some drawbacks to taking out a car subscription. The main one is that you choose a car but it’s from a list of what is available. So if you want to specify exact specification, colour and so on then car leasing would be more appropriate.


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