Van leasing

Intelligent Van Leasing is van leasing done differently.

Benefits of leasing a van

With van leasing, you are able to drive a shiny, new electric van for a low monthly price and reap the benefits of enhanced sustainability credentials and gain access to the growing number of the UK’s low emission zones.

Lease an electric van for a low monthly cost

Leasing an electric van is all the rage with the UK getting up to speed with developing more low emission zones. This means less pollution, less maintenance and more driving. Happy days! With leasing an electric van, you can reduce your business costs with our hand-selected electric van deals! If you are interested in upgrading your van and lowering fuel emissions, check out our Electric Van Leasing plan to see whether you can make the switch and keep things looking green.

Lease a Pickup Van with ease

Pickups are one of our most popular commercial vehicle choices. They have all the practicality of a commercial truck combined with the best features of an everyday car – perfect if you need to load and offload with speed! Leasing a pickup van with us will ensure safe, FREE delivery of your van, including comprehensive road tax, manufacturer warranty and continual assistance during your leasing period. With Intelligent Van leasing, you don’t have to worry about depreciation or a whopping payment when your contract ends. For a more comprehensive breakdown on leasing a pickup van, browse through our Pickup Van Leasing section and take a look at your options.

Glance through a broad range of vans ready for you to lease with ease and get the lowdown on our van and pickup leasing deals.

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  • Competitive rates on brand new vans with full warranty, breakdown recovery and road tax.

  • We'll deliver to you anywhere in the UK mainland with no fuss and completely free of charge.

  • Your Brand new vans supplied direct through the manufacturer's franchised dealer network.

How van leasing works

Find a great van deal

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Submit an enquiry

You will be assigned your own dedicated adviser who will guide you through the process


Apply online or on the phone

Manage quotes and submit a finance application on our secure online portal

FREE Nationwide Delivery

We deliver your new vehicle anywhere in the UK mainland for free.

FREE Online Order Process

Take care of everything you need to get your new van from your phone or computer!

Competitive Prices

Your new vehicle includes full manufacturer’s warranty, breakdown recovery and road tax.

Brand New Vehicles

Your new vehicle is supplied direct through the manufacturer’s franchised dealer network.


Why choose Intelligent Van Leasing?

With Intelligent Van leasing, you are given the van leasing experience of a lifetime with quick and easy transactions and smooth leasing. Our team of experts have been shaping the way van leasing works, and we believe that your business and personal needs should be at the forefront of what we do. That means helping you find the perfect van leasing deal and getting you set up with a new van in next-to-no-time.

Intelligent Van Leasing is built on knowledge and experience, delivered through exceptional service. You can expect the very best of the best from your trusted leasing experts!

Competitive prices

With Intelligent Van Leasing you can expect access to unbeatable deals and prices you can’t find anywhere else.

Hassle-free leasing

Experience a simple, painless leasing process for a simple, stress-free life.

Tailor-made deals

Create your own contract terms based on your individual needs.

All-inclusive Package

Road tax and manufacturer’s warranty are all included, saving you the worry of sorting it yourself.

On-hand Specialists

Our experts are there to iron out the process and answer your questions every step of the way.

Free Nationwide Delivery

We will deliver your new vehicle anywhere in the UK mainland for free.

 Pros and cons of van leasing

You can drive a shiny, new electric van for a low monthly price, reap the benefits of enhanced sustainability credentials and gain access to the growing number of the UK’s low emission zones.

Possibly the biggest negative is you won't own the van at the end of your lease. With van leasing you don't need to worry about depreciation or having to sell your van and your road tax and manufacturer’s warranty is included. You can lease a van without a deposit which means there is no large upfront payment required.

If you are new to van leasing make sure to read through our lease van guide for a comprehensive list of everything you’ll ever need to know.

What people ask about van leasing

  • What is van leasing?

    Van leasing is a simple way to drive a brand new van every 2 to 4 years. With van leasing you select your new van, choose how long you require it for, how many miles you're going to cover and decide how much you want to pay upfront. You pay fixed monthly rentals and drive the van until the end of the contract, hand back the keys and then order a new one.

  • What other van leasing options are there?

    Electric Vans - With Intelligent Van Leasing, you can browse through our stash of electric vans and reduce your carbon footprint. The world’s going green, guys!

    Pickup Vans - Want the benefits of a regular car but need the space a van provides? We got you sorted with a range of pickup vans for you to choose from.

  • What is included in my van lease?

    With all of our lease vans we include road tax, manufacturer’s warranty, free delivery, and dedicated customer support throughout your lease

    Road tax is included as part of your standard monthly van leasing price.

    Insurance is not included as part of the standard monthly van leasing price. You arrange your insurance as normal, but you may also want to consider taking out a GAP insurance product too. See our van leasing insurance guide for more information.

    You have the option to add on a maintenance package. This is referred to as a ‘finance provider maintained’ contract. If you choose not to take a maintenance package this is referred to as a ‘customer maintained’ contract.

    The benefit of taking out a maintenance package is to give you complete peace of mind that any unexpected vehicle repair costs you may not have budgeted for, will be covered.

  • Is it cheaper to buy or lease a van?

    There are plenty of reasons to own a van, not least being in total control of how long you decide to keep it. Owning a van provides lots of flexibility for you.

    However, the downside is the high cost of the initial down payment and then the higher level of the following monthly payments. These are considerably more than leasing and can impact cash flow and ability to expand your business.

    With a lease, following an initial rental (usually three months in advance), you then pay just a monthly rental for the period of the lease (anywhere between 24 to 48 months is usual). For a medium sized panel van this is usually from about £220 a month; in fact, larger vans are often a similar rental cost, which again may be a reason more trades are opting for a larger van (see above).

  • How do I lease a van?

    To lease a van you need to meet certain criteria in order to get a van lease contract. It is essential that you are over 21 years of age, hold a valid UK driving licence, have 3 years' employment history and a reasonable credit rating. No finance company will consider you for a lease without these. The minimum period you can lease a van for is 24 months. Anything under this contract length would be a short-term hire.

    A lot of people ask us what the payment structures of van leasing actually mean. To understand this process, here is a simple breakdown with an example:

    Example - 3 + 35. This would be a 3 year contract made up of 36 individual monthly payments. The initial rental is 3 x the standard monthly rental amount, followed by 35 standard rentals. So, if the standard monthly payment was £119.99, the initial payment would be £359.97, making the contract 1 payment of £359.97 and then 35 payments of £119.99.

  • Van leasing with maintenance

    You have the option to add on a maintenance package when you take out a lease agreement. Maintenance can be added to your car leasing agreement for a fixed additional monthly cost, to cover servicing, replacement tyres and other repair costs.

    When you take out maintenance package you get complete peace of mind that any unexpected vehicle repair costs you may not have budgeted for, will be covered.

    What do I get with maintenance?

    Maintenance packs are an optional extra which can be added to any car leasing contract. In essence, maintenance covers anything which needs repaired or replaced during the course of your lease. This includes tyres, brakes, exhausts, wipers etc. However, maintenance packs do not cover any repairs or replacements which are a result of accidental damage. Our Fair Wear and Tear guide explains what is considered an acceptable level of deterioration at the end of your lease period.

    You also get breakdown cover included as standard when taking a maintenance package. This means that you'll never be left stranded in the event of a breakdown, and will receive roadside repairs when possible.

    Maintenance also includes servicing and MOTs. In order to keep your vehicle within the manufacturers’ warranty you need to have the car serviced at regular intervals. This can be after a set period of time (every year for example), or after passing a certain threshold of miles. If you take out a lease for 36 months or more you’ll legally need to get the car put through an MOT test too.

    How much will maintenance cost me?

    The cost of maintenance differs, depending on the vehicle and the type of contract you request. It is more expensive over higher mileages, as this puts more wear and tear on the tyres and other components.

    Adding maintenance to my contract

    When you receive documentation from us at the start of your lease period you will also receive a ‘driver card’. This includes the contact number you can phone to book in any servicing, maintenance or repairs you need under your agreement. You are then allocated a slot at a manufacturer approved dealership, and you simply take the car in at the agreed time. You must use a provider that is approved by your finance provider so it is always best to phone them first.

    Should I take out maintenance?

    Our advisors always look to get you the best suited lease contract possible. You will never be sold into a product which isn’t right for your needs, and the choice is always yours.

    Advisors can give you quotes with and without maintenance included to allow you to make a balanced decision. The final choice is completely up to you, some drivers like having complete peace of mind from day one, which maintenance provides.

    If you chose not to take finance provider maintenance with your vehicle you must remember that you are in charge of maintaining the vehicle yourself. Some of our customers chose to put a little bit extra away every month to help towards the cost of repairs if an unexpected problem with your vehicle occurred.

  • Are vans on lease worth it?

    Lease vans are one of the cheapest ways for you to drive a brand new van. Leasing also lets you find a deal that fits with your budget. You will agree a fixed monthly price for the use of the lease van and the length of time you require it for. Leases also include your road tax as standard and you can cover yourself completely by adding our optional maintenance package.

  • What is the best van lease deal right now?

    The best van lease deals can change daily or weekly and can depend on stock and funder terms. Our home page shows the top 3 lease deals this week. Take a look at our special offers page to see the best lease deals available right now. Thanks to our strong relationships with the UK's leading van finance funders we are able to provide some of the cheapest van lease rates in the market.

  • How does electric van leasing work?

    An electric van lease from Intelligent Van Leasing is a great choice for businesses who want to benefit from access to the UK's growing number of low emission zones, enhanced sustainability credentials and the ability to drive a brand-new electric van for a low monthly price.

    Our team of electric van leasing specialists search though the entire van market to find you the best electric deals from the UK's leading finance funders and van manufacturers.

    All of electric van deals come with a price match challenge - meaning we'll aim to match or beat any quote you find that might be cheaper online. However, we're confident our pricing is highly competitive.

  • When will my van be delivered?

    All cars and vans are supplied from manufacturers' dealer groups. We have a preferred panel of dealers who offer excellent customer service levels to our customers.

  • What happens at the end of my lease?

    At the end of your lease, you simply hand your van back to the leasing company meeting the BVRLA’s standard fair, wear and tear guidelines. A representative from the finance provider will collect your vehicle and check its overall condition. All damage will be recorded, and in the event that the vehicle is returned in poorer condition than ‘fair wear and tear’ allows, you may be charged.

    If you want to end your van lease before the agreed contract period is up, you need to negotiate a settlement with the finance provider. This is usually around half the value of your remaining payments but can vary.

    For each mile you go over your agreed mileage, there is a small surcharge to pay. This is usually in the range of 3-11p per mile and changes from van to van.


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