Toyota C-HR Review

Written by Ben Holt
Your questions answered’. That’s what Toyota are saying about the brand-new C-HR!

In January 2024, the Japanese manufacturing giant will let this big dog off the leash, which means that the captivating C-HR is now available to lease with us here at Intelligent Car Leasing.

With a new spin on an already vastly popular model, this SUV is truly bred for success. Its sleek, futuristic and robust appearance, paired with its newly refined, high-tech interior makes it the vehicle that will ride you off into the sunset – and look fantastic while it does so.

What’s New?

When you choose the Toyota C-HR in 2024, you’re choosing the future! Just looking at this striking SUV, there’s no mistaking that the new C-HR is like seeing a concept car brought to life.

With the introduction of Toyota’s first flush-mounted door handles and the C-HR’s temperature-moderating glass roof, it almost feels like jumping into a time machine and accelerating 20 years forward. This smooth ride isn’t just a pretty face either, with the trim that we’re reviewing – 2.0 Hybrid GR Sport 5dr CVT – cruising from 0-62mph in 8 seconds. Now, when it comes to SUV’s, that’s rather impressive in our books!

However, this leap into the future comes with a small downside. Whilst the C-HR is fast enough to keep up with traffic and looks fierce while it does so, it sacrifices a little performance for its unique appearance. It doesn’t have the same sprint speed as other, more expensive SUV options such as the Mazda CX-60, which ultimately leaves the C-HR in its wake. Regardless, if you’re looking for a car that looks the part, doesn’t burn a hole into your pocket, comfortably seats your family, and transcends the average driving experience, then the Toyota C-HR is the car to do it.

Step inside

Reviewers of the 2023 Toyota C-HR criticised its interior, suggesting that the car wasn’t quite up to speed with other vehicles in its class…

Well, Toyota has only gone and blown them out of the water.

First and foremost, the car welcomes you with open arms, with its exterior illumination brightening as it adjusts its seat and display settings to match your ideal driving standards. That’s about as welcome as it gets without it literally saying the words ‘come on in’!

Once you’ve finished greeting the car – and probably just taking a second to drink in its sheer class, you are met with the C-HR’s new seat fabric, made from recycled plastic bottles. We for one, have no idea when empty bottles of water got so comfortable, but we’ll roll with it if you will, as it is supporting your back and the planet after all!

Oh, and did we mention the 12.3-inch touchscreen…?

We thought we must have since it’s basically unmissable as soon as you take a seat. Not only this, but drivers can also use the MYT smartphone app which means you can have the car warmed up and ready for whenever you choose to make the cold run from the house to the C-HR. Rest assured, this five-second shuffle over the ice will be the only frosty commute of the day.

So, Is the Toyota CH-R for you?

We hate to return one question with another, but how could the all-new C-HR not sit pretty in your basket? If you’re looking for a car that brings you practicality, comfort and impressive performance, then look no further.

Whether you need a personal or business lease, speak to our team today on 0344 387 2727 or email for friendly, expert advice.

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