Britain’s Drivers are Absolutely Filthy – New Study Reveals

New survey from ICL shows the dirty state of Britain's cars

Britain You Should be Ashamed of Yourselves!

It turns out there’s some seriously dirty driving going on out there; and by that we don’t mean undertaking on the motorway or middle land hogging

A new survey conducted by Intelligent Car Leasing has revealed some eye opening statistics on how regularly drivers in the UK actually give their car a full clean inside and out.

What We Asked the Public.

A sample of 717 drivers were asked the following question “How often do you give your car a full clean inside and out?” and were presented the following choices to answer from:

Every 2-3 Months
Less Than Once Every 6 Months

The Down and Dirty Results.

Here are the overall findings:

The majority of respondents never fully clean their car1. Never – 26.08%

2. Monthly – 23.57%

3. Every 2-3 Months – 21.48%

4. 6 Months – 16.74%

5. Weekly – 12.13%

Shockingly the most common response was ‘never‘! That’s right, 26% of the drivers surveyed never give their car a full clean. As a fairly sizable sample was used, this means it’s very likely that over a quarter of Britain’s cars are a real nest for germs, dirt and grime. This is something that people show be aware of when leasing a car as when you return the vehicle the condition it is in can have end of contract charges applied.

The new data gathered by Intelligent Car Leasing in this study gives further credit to information cited in a report from The Sunday Times’ earlier in the year. This report revealed that “the average car interior contains more potentially hazardous bacteria and fungal growths such as E.coli and Salmonella than anywhere in our homes”. No wonder! If over 26% of us never cleaned our homes they would likely be just as disease and germ ridden.

Men vs Women.

So it is known that over a quarter of people don’t consider cleaning their car a necessity, but how does that split filter down when comparing men and women’s responses? (Responses to the survey were split evenly with 50.9% being male and 49.1% being female).

From those who answered ‘Never’ 57% were male and 43% were female, showing in no uncertain terms that men take the least care of their cars in terms of cleanliness.

Men top the slob chart in car cleanliness survey.

There are two possible situations which could be contributing to the higher percentage of men who admit to never fully cleaning their car.

The first is that the men surveyed have never cleaned their cars and drive around in dirty and unsanitary vehicles. The second is that the men surveyed have never cleaned their cars because their partners always do it for them. Either way the results don’t reflect well on those involved…

Dangers of Not Cleaning Your Car

DangerCleaning your car to some people is just a vanity task which isn’t exactly essential. However there are a number of very real safety risks associated with not cleaning your car. The most obvious being that windows can become clouded and obscured causing an accident if you can’t see emerging hazards fast enough (especially in darker conditions).

Other than putting you at risk of immediate accidents, dirt on the exterior of the car can also wear away paint over time. This may not sound like a danger but over time worn away paint patches will rust and spread. Rust can be very damaging to your car’s structural integrity and can spread from the body to the underside of your car. This causes holes to emerge in filters and tanks. So to avoid sudden breakdowns and costly repairs it really does pay to keep your car clean.

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