Kia – Motoring’s Ugly Duckling?

In today’s motoring world Kia is seen as a very respectable and desirable brand. The Kia Sportage is one of the most in-demand vehicles on the market and a big seller here at Intelligent Car Leasing.

However the Korean manufacturer hasn’t always been front and centre in terms of forecourt pride. Kia was once seen as a budget brand, one for the entry-level consumer who wanted something cheap to purchase and get from A to B.

Over the past 10-12 years Kia has put a great deal of time, effort and marketing budget into its transformation. In this post we will look at a snapshot  of Kia’s transformation from its UK launch in 1991 to date.

The Old Generation

Kia Pride | 1986 – 2000


Kia Concord | 1987 – 1996


Kia Sephia | 1992 – 2003



The New Generation

Kia Sorento | 2002- Present

Kia Sportage 2nd Gen Onwards | 2004 – Present

Kia Pro-Ceed | 2006 – Present

As you can see Kia’s design has went from boxy and quite frankly dull designs to an overall more sharp, modern and sportier appearance. Cars are now equipped with crisp alloys rather than plastic wheel trims. The lines actually compliment the cars shape rather than just hold the panels together. The interiors are still made of cloth as standard, but have a real feel of quality to them.

These changes have pushed Kia firmly into the middle sector of the market, making the brand an attractive yet still mostly affordable car manufacturer. Check out our current Kia Deals today for some great offers!

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