Forget Self-Driving Cars – Mind Controlled Cars Are Here!

Remember all the fuss when self-driving cars were first rumoured to be viable for production and potentially released onto our roads? Well they’re now miles away from just being a concept in news articles. They are actually being tested on public roads this summer in California by Google. If all goes well it’s not inconceivable that this form of transport will be relatively common within the next couple of years. It all depends on whether the consumer market will take kindly to self-driving automobiles; it’s a big leap.

Mind-Controlled Driving Experience

Now it’s time to get pumped up about the next big concept in personal transportation – mind controlled cars!

Money Supermarket is running a contest where people can enter to win the chance to drive a uniquely developed mind-controlled car. The technology is astounding and a real demonstration of what can be done when cross-collaborating modern technologies. See the video below which illustrates the vehicle in action:

Alternative Message

The comparison site is using the campaign to also promote awareness of keeping your mind focused when driving. In the video above figurehead for the campaign Carol Vorderman highlights that when driving your mind needs to be focused at all times to minimise the risk of accidents. Directly controlling the car via your thoughts will certainly make sure of this; as there’s no capacity for your mind to wander.

How it works

The car works by using a head-worn sensor which monitors brain wave activity and then transmits this data to an on-board computer via a radio frequency. The software which interprets the brain waves needs to be trained as to what patterns translate to certain commands. I.e. turn left, right, brake and accelerate. Once that has been established driving the car is simply a matter of thinking and watching it go.

Will it catch on?

It’s highly doubtful that this sort of transportation would ever make it to the mainstream market, but then again that’s what people said about self-driving cars… Watch this space!

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