My First Car by Frank McAvennie

I PASSED my driving test in 1979 and for the first few months I used to borrow my mum’s car to get me from A to B. I also had a motorbike for a short period of time and I always found it a thrill to be on the bike.

But I always wanted my own car and had promised myself that one day I’d be able to buy a Ford Capri. Well, when I signed for St Mirren in 1980-81 I saved up a few quid from my wages and bonuses and paid £2000 to a garage for my dream Capri.

It was a gold coloured one with a tan roof. Not like me to attract attention to myself!

I can remember driving around Glasgow thinking I was the business with my set of wheels. I loved it.

Frank McAvennie Fast Facts

Part of my attraction to a Capri was that I was a big fan of the TV series, The Professionals, and Bodie and Doyle used to speed around London in a Capri catching criminals for CI5. Doyle had a curly brown perm and I had a blonde perm. We’d have made a good partnership!

I suppose I sort of imagined myself as ‘The Third Professional’, only the Glasgow version, although I wasn’t interested in catching any villains when I was out in my car!

My mates all loved my Capri and we had some great times driving around.

I sometimes watch old episodes of The Professionals on ITV4 and the memories come flooding back. I also remember Del Boy getting a shiny green Capri Ghia in Only Fools and Horses. It suited him down to the ground as he ducked and dived his way from deal to deal.

So, in terms of my first car, I was a mixture of Doyle and Del Boy. That’ll do nicely for me.

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