Put this baby Golf on your shopping list

Written by Charlie Strand

Don’t let us put you off leasing a car right now, but make sure the lease is no longer than three years – because in 2025 Volkswagen is launching this: the ID.2, a baby Golf.

It’s an affordable electric hatchback. And by affordable, Volkswagen says the range will start at around £22,000.

Which really changes the cost direction of driving an electric vehicle (EV).

Revealed as a concept car called ID.2all, but looking suspiciously like it’s almost production ready, the ID.2 measures just over 4m – think Polo sized – but features the interior space of a Golf thanks to its electric drivetrain.

It’s boot is also huge, measuring 490 litres – way more than the current Golf which measures just 380 litres – and can be extended to 1330 litres by flipping down the rear seats. Which is more than double the amount offered by the much larger Passat Estate’s boot. OK, that’s with the rear seats up, but it gives an idea of the capabilities of the ID.2.

But if the ID.2 is affordable, does this mean that you get a tiddly battery with little range as the payoff?

Not the case, says Volkswagen.

While Volkswagen hasn’t revealed the size of the battery – at least not yet – it says that this baby Golf will travel on a single charge for 280 miles, a really decent amount for most people. Put it another way, if you were to travel from Lands End to John O’Groats – a distance of 837 miles, you’d need to charge up three times. It’s unlikely you’ll do that, but range doesn’t look an issue.

Not that it would take you time to re-charge the ID.2’s battery. Using a rapid charger you’d be able to fill the battery to 80% charge in just 20 minutes, about as long as it takes to walk to the motorway services, take a comfort break, and buy a coffee.

In other words, quick.

The boss of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Thomas Schäfer, reckons that the ID.2 demonstrates how the company is transforming VW to bring it closer to customers with great design and terrific technologies. “We are implementing the transformation at pace to bring electric mobility to the masses,” he says.



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