The Cars of the Premiership’s Top 5 Earning Players

It’s common knowledge that footballers in the top tier of English football receive exorbitant wages in the first place. Add to that bumper sponsor deals and weekly bonuses and the salaries which these athletes take home is simply quite obscene. But let’s face it, if someone offered us six figures on a weekly basis to kick a ball around for 90 minutes, we’d chomp their arm off at the elbow.

What we’d do with such riches is another matter. A new house would more than likely be top of the shopping list… and we’d soon want a fleet of vehicles to fill up the driveway, too. So what do the professionals drive? Here’s the lowdown on the top five earning stars in the English Premiership (according to Total Sportek) and the chariots they choose to chauffeur themselves around in.

5) Bastian Schweinsteiger – £220,000 p/w – MANCHESTER UNITED

Bastian Schweinsteiger

Range Rover – £73,950

The Germany stalwart may be new to the Premiership but he’s no stranger to success, with a raft of Champions League medals, domestic honours and a shiny World Cup gong to his name. It’s no surprise, then, that the midfield general is used to riding in style – which is why he’s plumped for the luxury and comfort of a Range Rover. In fact, a recent study by Oracle Finance found that the 4×4 was the most popular vehicle on the market for those plying their trade in England’s top flight. It’s thought that the elevated driving position and plush interiors appeals to the footballer’s sense of style and security.

Make yourself at home, Bastian!

4) Eden Hazard – £200,000 p/w – CHELSEA

Eden Hazard

Audi R8 V10 Plus – £134,500

With Audi as one of Chelsea’s official sponsors, it’s no wonder that their Player of the Season for 2014/15 has the pick of the Audi range. Hazard drives an Audi R8 V10 Plus (among other vehicles) and recently starred in an entertaining promotional video for the car, along with teammates Loïc Rémy, Nathan Ake and Willian. As well as lobbing the balls into the boot of the cars and shooting at them from long range, the quartet also used the sleek vehicle as a net for a spot of football tennis.

And what colour is Hazard’s set of wheels? Why, blue, of course! Or at least, it is now.

3) Yaya Touré – £220,000 p/w – MANCHESTER CITY

Yaya Touré

Porsche 911 GT3 – £128,466

When it comes to having a collection of fantastic cars, the Ivory Coast international takes the cake. As well as his beloved Porsche 911 GT3, Yaya is also the proud owner of a Porsche Cayenne, a Mercedes Brabus and a Bentley Continental GT. Fancy that for choice!

However, Yaya has been in the headlines on a number of occasions for his vehicular behaviour. Last May, his agent caused something of a media frenzy by suggesting that his employers didn’t value him enough because they didn’t give him a Bugatti for his birthday. Meanwhile, earlier this year, Yaya found himself in hot water with the long arm of the law when he was pulled over in his favourite Porsche 911 for speeding at 124mph and tried to brush off the charges. Policemen were indignant when the midfield dynamo told them that “Don’t worry, someone at the club will sort this out. They will get all the paperwork.”

He might not be one for red tape – but he certainly is for red hot cars.

2) Sergio Agüero – £220,000 p/w – MANCHESTER CITY

Sergio Agüero

Lamborghini Aventador – £260,040 (plus customisation fees)

Last season’s top scorer is unsurprisingly one of the biggest earners in the league and makes no bones about splashing the cash on his cars. As if this futuristic Lamborghini wasn’t quite space age enough for Agüero, the Argentinian had it customised by celebrity car customiser Yianni Charalambous.

Charalambous has previously supplied and altered vehicles for fellow Premiership footballers John Terry and Bacary Sagna and has now installed lavish red seating on Agüero’s black model, as well as upward-rising doors reminiscent of the Batmobile and a chiselled exterior to match.

1) Wayne Rooney – £250,000 p/w – MANCHESTER UNITED

Wayne Rooney

BMW i8 – £104,590

As the highest earner at the highest-paying club in the league (United shell out a massive £2.4 million on wages every week), Rooney has more cars than the average toddler has Lego bricks. However, it’s testament to the England captain that he has rolled with the times by upgrading his motor to an environmentally-friendly one.

The BMW i8 sports a combination of an electric motor with a petrol engine to achieve sustainability without sacrificing performance. While it can be charged at Rooney’s home or at one of many charge stations around the country, the vehicle can also reach 0-62mph in an impressive 4.4 seconds, with a top speed of 155mph. Not bad for an energy-efficient model!

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