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Car Leasing Nottingham

We’ve made it easier for you to find a cheap lease deal in Nottingham with our range of special offers available right now. Not only that, we've also put together a handy guide on where to charge your electric car in Nottingham, which you can find below. Whether you want a modern EV to drive around Nottingham (or prefer a petrol, diesel or hybrid), you can compare our full range of special offers, and start saving money on your next car. Sound like the intelligent choice? It sure is!
Car Leasing Nottingham

Free Nationwide Delivery

We deliver your new car anywhere in the UK mainland for free.

Free Online Ordering

Take care of everything you need to get your new lease car from your phone or computer!

Competitive Prices

Your new vehicle includes full manufacturer’s warranty, breakdown recovery and road tax.

Brand New Cars

Your new vehicle is supplied direct through the manufacturer’s franchised dealer network.


Compare our Nottingham car lease deals with confidence

Helping the people of Nottingham get a great deal 

With our range of Nottingham car leasing deals, you’ll find a package that allows you to drive the car you’ve always wanted – one with the latest tech. But there’s something you should know about these special offers – they don’t always wait around for long. We regularly research the market to find you the best car lease deals, so the one you find today may not be around tomorrow!


Lower monthly payments - With car leasing, you will benefit from lower monthly payments compared to buying a car on finance.

Flexible driving - Leasing a car gives you the flexibility to switch vehicles every few years and drive newer, smarter models.


Mileage limits - You’ll be charged a fee if you go over your set mileage, but our experts help you pick a mileage that covers your driving lifestyle.

Lack of ownership - You won’t own the car but you’ll have more flexibility and the option to replace your car for a brand new one.

1 Choose your car

Compare our extensive range of car lease deals and find the right car for the right price. Pick from 1000's of vehicles and drive exactly what you want.

2 Customise your lease

Enjoy low monthly payments over a term of your choice. Add an optional maintenance package for worry-free motoring.

3 Get your car delivered 

Your new car is delivered to your door when everything is good to go.

4 Hey presto! Start driving

You can start driving one of the UK’s best lease deals for a knockdown price – completely hassle-free. Simply hand the vehicle back at the end of the contract.

The technology driving our future

If you're looking for an EV, hybrid or electric car lease deal in Nottingham, there are plenty of technology options to suit your needs. Click an icon below for an overview of how each technology works, and the extent to which it can help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Mild Hybrid


Self-charging Hybrid


Plug-in Hybrid


Battery Electric


Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Fuel Cell

Where to charge your car in Nottingham

When you need to charge your electric car in Nottingham, there are some simple places you can try.

Nottingham City Council have installed charging points for electric vehicles in a number of areas in Notthigham, including: Hanley Street, Q-Park Talbot Street, Mount Street and Nottingham Trent University City Campus.

For a comprehensive list of charging points in Nottingham, visit the

Nottingham's EV charge points

Nottingham's charge point infrastructure is growing by the day. In addition to Nottingham City Council's charge point network, there are new charging points in or close to Nottingham, which you can find on Zap-Map.


Launch Zap-Map

Getting around Nottingham

 A city with excellent transport links means you’ll have no problem getting to wherever you need to be.

Many people in Nottingham know just how easy it is to get around town, especially when they have a car that works well in city environments. And Nottingham is a city booming with modernised technology and advancing modes of transport. So whether you are new to Nottingham or know the ropes, getting around is easy.

Is there a charge for driving around Nottingham?

Unlike some other cities such as Bristol or London, Nottingham does not have an Ultra Low Emission Zone, commonly know as ULEZ.

Useful information about Nottingham's car parks

With there being multi storey car parks in both Trinity Square and Lace Market, you won't have to worry about where you leave your car. All day parking charges can be up to £12, and you can either pay on foot or by phone.

For full information on all of Nottingham's car parks, visit

Nottingham Park & Ride

Nottingham offers a choice of 9 park and ride sites with over 6500 spaces, located at easy points around the city, including: Forest Park and Ride, Hucknall Park and Ride and Moor Bridge Park and Ride. Parking is free for the above sites, you just pay for the transport.

For more details on Park & Ride, go to


Cars ideal for getting around Nottingham

Popular car clubs in Nottingham

It's like owning a car, but with less commitment

Nottingham car club schemes are a great way to get quick access to a car, especially if you do not drive very often. Car clubs can be a cheaper alternative to a second car, and all the extra costs owning a car involves.

Enterprise car club

Enterprise car club offer a range of hybrid and electric vehicles in Nottingham. Starting at around £4 an hour, you can access a wide variety of vehicles, and pick them up from anywhere that is convenient for you.

Find out more about Enterprise Nottingham car club.


  • Your car can be delivered straight to your address in Nottingham. You can specify exactly where you want your car to be delivered in the UK. All cars and vans are supplied from manufacturers' dealer groups.

  • To find the best deals in Nottingham, Intelligent Car Leasing use an internal rating system based on a preferred panel of dealers, and takes into account various factors of each deal compared to competitors. The primary categories used are customer service levels, delivery, in stock status along with features of a specific model including comfort, performance, practicality and tech features.

  • There are no hidden costs when leasing a car in Nottingham with Intelligent Car Leasing. There are some things you need to be aware about.

    • If the vehicle is returned with damage that goes beyond established industry guidelines – known as BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear– you may incur charges to repair that damage.
    • If you terminate the lease early, you may be liable to pay an early termination fee.
    • If you have driven the vehicle beyond the agreed mileage limit, you are charged an excess mileage rate which is outlined in your agreement. Mileage limits cannot be amended at any stage during the contract.
  • With a car lease we include road tax, manufacturer’s warranty, free delivery, and dedicated customer support.

    When you lease a car road tax is included as part of your standard monthly car leasing price.

    Insurance is not included as part of the standard monthly car lease price. You arrange your insurance as normal, but you may also want to consider taking out a GAP insurance product too. See our car leasing insurance guide for more information.

    You have the option to add on a maintenance


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