Best vans to lease in 2023

Written by Charlie Strand

A great van leasing deal can get drivers into a commercial vehicle without significant up-front costs. Simple monthly cost control, the latest models, and easy fleet management mean that LCV leasing can often prove the best way to get businesses moving, especially as the price of used vans remains stubbornly high..

There are a wide range of models on the market, with everything from car-derived vans to large panel vans, and everything in between. We look through the best of each category, highlighting some great commercial vehicle leasing models available.

  1. Volkswagen Caddy Cargo
  2. Ford Transit Connect
  3. Toyota Proace City
  4. Ford Transit Custom
  5. Volkswagen Transporter
  6. Mercedes-Benz Vito
  7. LEVC VN5
  8. Iveco Daily
  9. Volkswagen Crafter
  10. Fiat e-Ducato
  11. Ford E-Transit
  12. Peugeot e-Expert
  13. Vauxhall Vivaro Double-Cab
  14. Ford Transit Custom Double Cab
  15. Renault Trafic Crew Van
  16. Volkswagen Transporter Kombi
  17. Toyota Hilux
  18. Ford Ranger
  19. SsangYong Musso
  20. Isuzu D-Max

Best small panel vans to lease

Volkswagen Caddy Cargo

VW’s fifth-generation Caddy – now known officially as the Caddy Cargo – may be a dedicated van, but is based on a car-platform for improved handling. A variety of set-ups means the Caddy Cargo can be specified with 4Motion all-wheel drive, and there’s the option of a DSG automatic transmission.

Two body lengths complete the Caddy Cargo’s flexible options, though payload is not as strong as some rivals; worth remembering if heavy cargo is a priority. Find our Volkswagen Caddy Cargo lease deals here.

“Dacia” Duster Commercial

Dacia’s only LCV available currently, the Duster Commercial offers a combination of value-for-money and go-anywhere ability. Based on Dacia’s SUV, the Duster Commercial is an unusual option here, but particularly useful for businesses that regularly cover rural areas.

A full 4×4, the Duster Commercial sacrifices rear seats for a flat-floor load area and robust interior materials. It’s not the most glamorous LCV around, but it is one of the most practical and rugged. Find out if a Dacia lease deal is right for you.

Ford Transit Connect

Ford’s smallest LCV since the demise of the Fiesta Van, the Transit Connect is a versatile offering, with a choice of two lengths for customers to pick between, and a choice of van or double cab-in-van.
Three diesel engines are available to power the compact Ford LCV, which has a reputation as one of the best driver’s LCVs on the market – and rightly so. Check our Ford Transit Connect leasing offers.

Toyota Proace City

Although using the same basic shape, cabin, powertrains, and features as models from the Stellantis Group – Peugeot, Citroen, Vauxhall, and Fiat – Toyota’s version is listed here because of the huge warranty, available for up to 10 years as standard.

Otherwise, the Proace City is on a par with the rest of its van-stablemates, featuring a choice of diesel engines or a pure-electric model. Twin sliding rear doors, good levels of equipment, and a large, spacious load are all features of the model range.

Best medium panel vans to lease

Ford Transit Custom

It’s the archetypal van when people are asked to picture a van – and the Ford Transit Custom remains one of the best on the market. These two factors combine to mean that it’s one of the best-selling vehicles in the UK, often beating car models to the monthly title.

Fitted with Ford’s latest range of 2.0 litre EcoBlue engines, there are choices for van, double cab-in-van, and Kombi body styles. The van will fit the standard Euro pallet test, and a highly connected infotainment system helps drivers keep to schedule, as well as feel like they aren’t in an LCV. For those regularly covering city miles, there’s even a Plug-in Hybrid version. Choose from our range of Ford Transit Custom leasing deals.

Volkswagen Transporter

Volkswagen’s Transporter is the only van as famous as Ford’s Transit range, and blurs the lines between commercial and lifestyle vehicles. It’s one of the most comfortable LCVs available, and an ideal pick for those covering plenty of miles.

Safety equipment levels are high, as are reported reliability scores, so it is rated highly as an all-rounder.
Two body lengths, two roof heights, and options including a Sportline version, chassis cab, Shuttle model, and Kombi are powered by a selection of diesel engines, manual or DSG automatic transmissions, and two- or all-wheel drive. Step this way for the latest leasing offers on the Volkswagen Transporter.

Mercedes-Benz Vito

Offering the greatest line-up of body styles in this sector, the only thing Mercedes-Benz doesn’t offer with the Vito is a high-roof version. Otherwise, there are two wheelbases, three body lengths, and a choice between front- or rear-wheel drive for customers to deliberate over.

Stylish and well built, the Vito comes with the prestige that a three-pointed star brings. It’s a high-quality product, with smooth engines available for drivers wanting to lease the Vito.


A range-extended plug-in hybrid, the LEVC VN5 is largely a London black cab redesigned as a commercial vehicle. It’s got a compact petrol engine that charges the car’s battery on the go, but the VN5 is also able to be charged from a plug, keeping it future-proof against increasingly tough city centre air quality zones.

It’s not the largest van in its class, but it is one of the greenest and most efficient, so for those regularly carrying out urban deliveries, it’s a great pick from a competitive sector. Find out how much it is to lease the LEVC VN5 here.

Best large panel vans to lease

Iveco Daily

The choice for customers that need heavy pay-load carriers, the Daily easily covers the 3.5-tonne market, and will stretch up to 7.0 tonnes – competing with small lorries. Able to be specified with air suspension, and some heavy duty 4×4 versions, options for the Iveco make it a Swiss Army knife for van operators.

Two diesel engines put out a choice of six different power levels, and the panel van is available in four lengths, three heights, and five weight limits. Find out how much it is to lease a Daily here.

Volkswagen Crafter

A multi-award winning van, the Volkswagen Crafter specialises with offering an accessible driving style – it may be a large van, but it doesn’t drive like one. Available with front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or as a 4×4, the Crafter can be specified with a six-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic.
On top of the Grand California camper van, the Crafter is offered with a choice of three lengths, three heights, and three Gross Vehicle Weights (GVW) – 3.0 tonne, 3.5 tonne, or 5.0 tonne. Make your choice of Volkswagen Crafter leasing offers here.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Well established as one of the most reliable vans on the road, it’s backed up by a three-year, unlimited mileage warranty. Essentially, Mercedes-Benz builds a reliable van, and backs that reputation up with support. It goes some way to explaining why the Sprinter is a popular choice with high-mileage drivers.

Fitted with a sophisticated and easy-to-use voice command system, the Sprinter is highly connected and well specified. Like many large panel vans, there is a choice of front- or rear-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive. The Sprinter is also offered in four lengths, three heights, and with four GVWs between 3.0 and 5.5 tonnes. Check out the latest Mercedes Sprinter leasing offers.

Ford Transit

The Ford Transit remains one of the picks in its sector – and lives up to its Ford slogan of ‘Backbone of Britain’. It’s good to drive, even for a large panel van, and the number of options available to choose from means the number of configurations available are huge. It’s a Jack-of-all-Trades in the best possible way, excelling virtually across the board.

Customers can decide between front-, rear-, or all-wheel drive, and manual or automatic transmissions. It also comes in one of three lengths, two heights, and a choice of seven payload limits, varying from 2.9 tonnes to 5.0 tonnes. There are also plenty of Ford Transit leasing options available, too.

Best electric vans to lease

Fiat e-Ducato

Fiat’s e-Ducato is the best choice for a large payload in an electric van, allowing a payload of up to 1,885kg – and like other large panel vans, it can be picked in a variety of sizes. It’s available as a chassis cab, meaning there are plenty of options for conversion too.

Two battery options mean range varies between 88 and 175 miles on a charge, depending on model chosen, and despite more recent options arriving in the eLCV market, the e-Ducato remains a strong choice – an example of Fiat getting its first electric van right, first time around. Discover the leasing rentals on the electric Ducato van.

VW ID. Buzz Cargo

Volkswagen has offered an electric version of its Transporter van through tuning firm ABT for a few years, but range was always a big compromise. Now though, the ID. Buzz Cargo shows that VW is taking electric vans seriously.

The stylish ID. Buzz truly follows in the roots of the original Transporter, by being offered as an MPV or full van. It’s not the largest in its class, but the design will tempt plenty of leasing customers in. Plus, driving range is considerable at up to 256 miles on a charge.

Ford E-Transit

One of the latest eLCVs to come to market, Ford has thought carefully about what is a crucial model in its history as a van maker. The E-Transit will cover almost 200 miles on a charge, has vehicle-to-load charging – allowing users to power tools and other devices by plugging into the van’s charging port.

Unusually for an eLCV, there is a choice of electric motors to choose from, with the higher-rated unit making the E-Transit the most powerful van on the market today. Payload ratings are strong too, between 790kg and 1,758kg. If you’re thinking of going electric, have a look at our Ford E-Transit leasing deals.

Peugeot e-Expert

This place could have gone to the near-identical models from Vauxhall, Citroen, Toyota, or Fiat, as the selection has proven to be game-changing for eLCVs. Thanks to the platform sharing, there has almost instantly been a switch from short-range, hard to source electric vans to long range, accessible eLCVs.

Two battery sizes are available across the lineup, with the larger battery capable of covering more than 200 miles according to official figures. Like many medium panel vans, they offer a car-like driving experience, and feature plenty of kit to make life behind the wheel simple – all the while keeping that key 1.0+ tonne payload. Find out how much it costs to lease an electric Expert here.

Best crew cab vans to lease

Vauxhall Vivaro Double-Cab

It’s a good choice as a standard panel van, and that translates into the Double-Cab version too, as the Vauxhall Vivaro has one of the best payload ratings in its class. With a choice of two lengths to pick from, the Vivaro Double-Cab is a versatile LCV for those needing to carry up to six while needing space in the back too.

One of the more efficient medium-sized LCVs, the Vivaro is available to lease with a choice of 1.5 or 2.0 litre diesel engines, and features equipment such as auto emergency braking and a head-up display.

Ford Transit Custom Double Cab

Despite having been around for a number of years, the Ford Transit Custom Double Cab remains a great choice in this sector, thanks to the usual Transit Custom strengths – great to drive, spacious, and well-equipped. A number of facelifts and refreshes have done a good job of keeping the Transit Custom Double Cab at the top of its game.

Capable of carrying up to six, the crew cab Transit Custom still has a large load area, particularly if the L2 versions are picked, meaning that there’s little compromise for those leasing a Transit Custom Double Cab.

Volkswagen Transporter Kombi

As with the Transporterpanel van, the Transporter Kombi is a desirable model; perhaps more so considering part of the work is already done for camper van conversions. It’s a refined and spacious model to lease, capable of carrying five people.

A long equipment list prioritises driver assistance systems for a strong safety score and, for a medium-sized van, the Transporter is surprisingly nimble when it comes to parking and town driving.

Renault Trafic Crew Van

Featuring plenty of space and six seats, Renault’s double-cab Trafic is a popular choice for those needing to transport people as well as loads. Recently revised to update the styling and equipment levels, the Trafic has a long list of kit for customers looking to lease it.

Powered by 2.0 litre diesel units, the Trafic has good pulling power, and drives smoothly on the motorway. Renault’s skills at offering a comfy yet agile driving experience shine through here too, even in the Trafic LCV.

Best pick-up trucks to lease

Toyota Hilux

Famously tough, the Toyota Hilux remains one of the best pick-ups on the road, even after all these years – the badge first arrived in 1968. The current generation was launched in 2020, and uses a 2.8 litre diesel unit with more than 200hp available – though a smaller 2.4 litre 150hp version is also on offer.

Coming under the Toyota Professional banner, the Hilux gets a 10 year warranty to back up its reliable reputation. Rugged and capable of covering tough terrain, the Toyota Hilux is available with a choice of single-, extra-, or double-cab body styles. Head over here for Hilux leasing rates.

Ford Ranger

Ford’s Ranger is one of the few models that can challenge the Hilux for desirability, and much of that is down to the Raptor performance version. A brand new Ranger arrives in 2023, with updated styling, a plethora of connected equipment, and most importantly, a brand new platform.

Sharing commercial vehicle development with Volkswagen, the Ford Ranger is promised to feature a large number of “big car” driver assistance systems, and a car-like driving experience – though clearly an SUV-based car-like driving experience. Check out our Ford Ranger leasing offers.

SsangYong Musso

One of only a few pick-ups currently available in the UK, SsangYong gets on to this list on merit, rather than a lack of rivals. The Musso is based on the Rexton SUV, which remains a fairly agricultural 4×4, but proves excellent underpinnings for the Musso pick-up.x

It’s smooth to drive on the road, has a huge seven-year warranty, and plenty of payload, space, and towing capacity – it’s capable of carrying more than a tonne in the bed and still towing a 3.5 tonne trailer. Take a look at Musso leasing rentals here.

Isuzu D-Max

The pick-up specialists, Isuzu’s D-Max has become the go-to badge for those needing a hard-working model. Thanks to a 3.5 tonne towing rating, it’s being phased into the RAC fleets in place of vans to be able to tow ever increasingly heavy cars from trouble for example.

Stylish, and with a performance variant on offer for those who want to treat themselves, the D-Max is one of the safest pick-ups on the road, packing in more safety kit than any rival. Powered by a 1.9 litre diesel engine, it’s not the most powerful model around, but it’s a strong and highly capable machine. Take a look at our D-Max leasing deals here.

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