Celtic Hoops turn greener with Intelligent Car Leasing’s electric car support

The famous green and white hoops of Celtic FC are turning a darker shade of green thanks to support of Intelligent Car Leasing.

The Glasgow-based vehicle leasing company is renewing its partnership with the club for a further two years in a seven-year partnership that stretches back to 2014.  At the same time, Intelligent Car Leasing will help the Celtic Park stadium significantly reduce its emissions, thanks to the supply of over 40 new cars, including 10 Nissan Leaf electric vehicles for the club’s administration staff as part of the sponsorship agreement to help kick-start their journey to a greener fleet.

Assistance for Celtic FC Foundation is also included, with a pledge to support the charity with £10 for every vehicle Intelligent Car Leasing puts on the road throughout the sponsorship period.

Announcing the agreement, Martin Brown, Chair of Intelligent Car Leasing, said:

“We are delighted to continue our long term partnership with Celtic Football Club and assist the club in reducing its carbon footprint. As a company we are committed to switching drivers into electric vehicles and helping improve urban air quality in Glasgow, which will host the critical COP26 summit on climate change this November. The 10 zero emission Nissan Leaf vehicles that we have supplied will help in this endeavour, while the charitable side of the club has our full support and aligns with our own company values. We greatly look forward to this continuation of our relationship.”

The zero emission Leafs, which are built at Nissan’s Tyne and Wear plant in Sunderland, offer all electric driving with the battery capable of providing up to 239 miles on a full charge.

“I hope the staff enjoy the electric driving experience. We’ve found that once you have switched to an electric vehicle, there is no going back,” added Brown, saying that the company’s own fleet was now emission-free.

Celtic Chief Executive Dom McKay added:

“On behalf of Celtic I would like to thank Martin and all the staff at Intelligent Car Leasing for their continued support of the Club, it is greatly appreciated.  We have enjoyed a fantastic relationship for a number of years and through this new extended deal it is great that we can continue to work together”.

“Importantly, our new partnership will have a strong environmental focus, something which the Club fully supports and welcomes as we play our part in this hugely important area.  The continued support of Celtic FC Foundation by Intelligent through this deal is also hugely pleasing and will ensure that once again a positive difference is made to the lives of so many”.

Customers of Intelligent Car Leasing are certainly becoming greener in their car choice. Currently 34% of all cars leased during 2021 are plug-in models as consumers choose greener car options.

The Government is planning to end the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, while from 2035 all new vehicles sold will need to be fully electric. So far in 2021, plug-in cars have accounted for nearly 15% of registrations according to official data from the SMMT*, a figure that is predicted to increase significantly as more electric cars come to market.

*Source: Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders, year-to-date data correct as at July 2021.

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