Our Top 10 favourite SUVs

Written by Kevin Blackmore

Everybody loves an SUV. These practical vehicles are some of the most popular types of cars chosen by Intelligent Car Leasing customers. A higher seating position, greater practicality in terms of accommodating the family or that really big IKEA flatpack. Plus, who doesn’t appreciate the increased safety? Better still, today’s SUVs are some of the most exciting and stylish cars on the road right now.

We’ve assembled our top 10 favourite SUVs based on factors such as value, practicality, technology and style.

There’s something here for everyone.


Peugeot 2008

Peugeot’s second-generation 2008 is a small SUV that offers a sophisticated take on the Crossover-style design popularised by cars like Nissan’s Juke. It offers all the advantages of a compact runabout with added space, style and light off-road driveability. This MK2 design gets a fresh look and a completely redesigned interior, all of it targeting what the brand hopes will be a younger buyer. There’s an all-electric version too. We love the 2008.


Range Rover Sport

This improved version of the second-generation Range Rover Sport gets the option of clever mild-hybrid diesel engine technology for the first time. And, as before, it offers amazing all-terrain capability. The aluminium platform solves the main issue with the previous model: stodgy handling and high running costs. The Range Rover Sport is in every way a proper Range Rover, so if you can afford one, there’s a lot to like.


Volkswagen ID.4

Volkswagen ramps up its efforts in the EV segment with this ID.4 compact mid-sized Crossover. It aims to deliver more of a premium choice than volume brands can currently offer in this rapidly growing segment. It has the quality look and feel of a premium brand product, so If you’re looking for that ‘feel good’ factor in a car of this sort, this ID.4, with its up-market feel, might well have your number.


Cupra Formentor

The CUPRA performance brand strikes out on its own with the Formentor – a lively Spanish take on the mid-sized performance SUV concept. Named after a peninsula in Majorca, the Formentor is fast, practical, interesting to look at and more than a touch exotic. Cupra says there’s ‘Latin spirit in every one’. Just looking at it we wouldn’t dare argue.


Skoda Kamiq

Skoda had a hand in popularizing this concept of the small SUV with their Yeti model. The Kamiq aims to distil all of Skoda’s best bits into a compact Crossover you could really bond with. We love Skoda for its re-worked Volkswagen Group engineering with a bit of practical embellishment at a lower price – which is precisely what you get with the Kamiq. It’s VW quality without the cost.


Volvo XC40

Volvo’s XC40 is much more than just a smaller version of the brand’s larger SUVs. It’s a very distinct design, setting itself apart from the crowd and has lots of potential for electrification. The result is a unique alternative to premium-branded compact SUVs. Class-leading safety standards and loads of personalisation options combine to offer a quality option that feels unique in this segment.


SEAT Ateca

SEAT’s Ateca feels rejuvenated as a result of a significant package of updates. There are fresher looks, an updated cabin, more frugal engines and stronger standards of safety. Plus this compact mid-sized SUV remains dynamically adept in a way few rivals can match. But we think this car’s biggest selling point is its dynamics. Basically, it’s great to drive. What’s not to like about that?


Kia Sportage

How did the Kia Sportage quietly develop from also-ran to front runner in the budget SUV stakes? By offering more of what people want, that’s how. This improved version of the fourth-generation car now delivers mild hybrid technology and comes with a high standard of infotainment across the range. The motto here seems to be ‘If it ain’t broke, try even harder to fix it’.



Looking for a compact family-sized full-electric model with zero emissions and the rapid responses characteristic of today’s EVs? Here’s the most affordable option you could consider, the MG ZS EV is sensibly priced and well equipped. If ultimate driving range capacity isn’t a top priority and you’re buying on a budget, this is the SUV for you. Is it the best car in the sector? Maybe. Is it the best really affordable model in the class? Definitely.

Mercedes EQC

The Mercedes EQC is a large luxury SUV that’s fully electric but it’s very much a product typical of the Three-Pointed Star. It’s extremely class-competitive in terms of things like driving range, cabin practicality and charging time replenishment. And arguably segment-leading in terms of interior finish and driving refinement. Just as perhaps you expected it to be. Our customers love the Mercedes brand, and this model illustrates why.

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