Intelligent Car Leasing Does Movember 2014 – Full Time Whistle.

November is over already and it has been a valiant effort by ICL’s moustache growers! For 30 long days Stuart Law and Pete McAllister “worked” hard at stimulating those follicles and growing out as manly ‘taches as they could.

The results are… interesting (Pete Left, Stuart Right):

Pete McAllister Movember Stuart Law Movember

If you don’t know about Movember, let us explain.

Movember is a charity event in aid of prostate and testicular cancer charities. From the 1st of November participants must be clean shaven and grow only their moustache area (no beards or supporting facial hair allowed).

The result being some rather out of character facial hair which participants will lightly taunted for by their colleagues, friends and family. However in return they usually generously donate to the cancer charities for the participant’s troubles.

Well done guys, Movember 2014 was an all round success!

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