Intelligent Car Leasing joins the Netflix club

Written by Marc Murphy

What media publisher do you turn to when you want to watch a film? If you’re like us, it will be Netflix. Although publishers such as Disney and Apple are recent new alternatives, Netflix is the go-to brand.

It’s the same with music: Spotify rules the airwaves here.

Both Netflix and Spotify are subscription services, offering a media streaming service that’s convenient, easy to use and – above all – flexible.

They are right at the forefront of the consumer change of behaviour from owning to using; no more DVDs or CDs – just stream the film or music when you want and where you want.

It’s the same at work. Remember when you had to buy Microsoft Office to run it on your personal computer? Now the suite of Office services is accessed via a subscription service.

So why not cars?

Already the personal car leasing service offered by Intelligent Car Leasing is just one step away from owning a car. Our broad range of cars from all the major car brands allows customers to access the use of a vehicle for a monthly hire rental. No more owning, just using the car for the period of the contract.

But what if you take that one step further? How about a car subscription service? This provides everything a car lease offers but with additional flexibility, such as the opportunity to swap your car every six months.

Throw in a selection of cars from electric vehicles to SUVs with no upfront costs, a single all inclusive monthly payment that covers insurance, maintenance, as well as roadside recovery and then you have a really intelligent answer to car usership.

So intelligent, that Intelligent Car Leasing has become the first leasing broker to offer a car subscription service.

In fact, the only item outside the exclusive monthly car payment is fuel.

Take a look at our new car subscription service here – and see if it will suit your lifestyle.

We think you’ll find it an intelligent answer to your motoring needs.

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