Living with the Tesla Model 3 – without a home charger

Written by Marc Murphy

Conventional wisdom says that, to run an electric vehicle (EV) on a contract hire, you should have a home charger installed. It’s good advice, too.

But it’s not advice that I have taken. And, do you know what? So far, it’s working out really well.

I’ve just moved from my BMW 4 Series to a Tesla Model 3; a move from a diesel to an electric car.

I must admit, I was a bit concerned about how I would cope without a home charger but there are several reasons why I don’t need one. At least, not yet.

First of all, I can charge my Tesla Model 3 at work. Intelligent Car Leasing’s HQ at Glasgow Skypark has electric charge points that can be used for free. So that’s where most of my charging takes place.

Secondly, there are two chargepoints just across the road from my apartment, and when the battery is getting low, one of the spaces is usually available.

Lastly, there are four Tesla supercharger locations in Scotland which can give me an 80% charge in 30 minutes. This provides about 280 miles of range and charging infrastructure is literally increasing by the day.

Tesla Supercharging – Eurocentral, Scotland

Even though my apartment doesn’t have access to a chargepoint, charging hasn’t been a problem and neither has range anxiety. And, do you know what? As I handed over the keys of my diesel BMW at the end of its lease and took the keys to my new lease car, one of my biggest fears was about the Tesla’s 329 mile range compared to the outgoing BMW’s 580 mile range.

But my fear was misplaced. Totally.

I’ve had zero range anxiety. And that has really surprised me. The electric experience has been so good, too, that I don’t think I will go back to diesel or petrol in the future.

I’ve always enjoyed the sound of an internal combustion engine, but having gone EV I now much prefer the silence of zero emission battery driving. It makes for a more relaxed driving experience. And the lack of engine noise makes listening to music more enjoyable.

The other thing I would say is that the Tesla is mighty fast. My BMW was no slouch, but the Tesla is on another level: 3.2s to 60mph. That’s really quick!

So, driving my model 3 lease car has been a really positive experience. I was expecting to enjoy it, but with such new technology I did have my concerns. These have been baseless. Tesla has incorporated a lot of clever new technology in such ingenious and convenient ways it genuinely improves the entire driving experience.

I’ll let you know in further posts whether my level of enthusiasm for electric Tesla driving has been maintained.

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