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Should I be worried about driving long distances?

Should I be worried about driving long distances?

While range is not an issue with self-charging hybrids, it’s interesting to note that a programme undertaken by Toyota with the Universities of Paris / Rome found that commutes were carried out in zero emission EV mode for 50% of the time.

The research involved 20 drivers completing the same 37km (23 mile) return journey across Rome at different times of day in a self-charging hybrid. An average 73.2% of the journey time and 62.5% of the distance covered were accomplished with zero emissions. Values were even higher for the urban sections of the route.

Range is crucial for PHEVs and EVs in particular. It is therfore essential to identify your own driving patterns to assess suitability of electrification. PHEVs can be especially effective if you undertake the occasional long journey, but mostly commute to work.

However, with research suggesting that the average commuting distance in the UK is less than 10 miles, this is a journey that should be easily within range for the majoirty of PHEVs and all EVs. What’s more, as battery range increases with newer models, anxiety over range will become less of an issue.




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