Intelligent Car Leasing Launches New Online Van Leasing Division

Personal contract hire and small business leasing specialist, Intelligent Car Leasing (ICL), has launched a new online van leasing division, Intelligent Van Leasing
(IVL), to provide access to highly competitive leasing deals for light commercial vehicle users.

ICL, which is headquartered in Glasgow, currently provides new car finance solutions for private customers, SMEs and medium-sized businesses through a network of preferred funders.

The company has now decided to expand into the van market following its success in the new car arena, employing the same successful online business footprint.

The new van division will be aimed at one-man-band operators and small businesses up to medium sized fleets, offering online contract hire, finance and business leasing solutions.

It is owned by the same shareholders behind the highly successful leasing and fleet management specialist, Fleet Alliance, which has over 26,000 vehicles under management, although it is operated completely separately.

IVL Sales Manager, Marc Cooper, said: ”We have witnessed a dramatic increase in personal contract hire in recent years which has been great news for us here at Intelligent Car Leasing.

“This has now become a major online service that new car buyers use to acquire new cars and we have seen significant growth in the personal and small business leasing space.

”However, we were increasingly being asked by business customers if we could provide light commercial vehicles at the same competitive rates as we provide new cars. It then seemed a logical extension of the business to establish our new Intelligent Van Leasing division.”

Cooper said that a key factor in the expanding personal and small business contract hire and leasing market had been the development of online web-based products and solutions, such that a growing percentage of buyers now preferred the ease of transacting electronically.

“To be able to meet this new kind of market demand, we have needed to have a very strong web presence as so much personal and small business leasing these days is conducted online.

“Today, buyers tend to have carried out much of their research beforehand online, and expect to be able to trade online as well. Key drivers are keen and competitive pricing and high service levels, which is exactly what we provide them.

“The new van trading arm will employ exactly the same business disciplines and approach to provide a ready access to the many excellent vans currently available and the new launches to come during 2018,” he said.

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