My First Car – By Alan Rough

First of all, I have to say, I can’t believe it’s been 45 years since I passed my driving test. Honestly, when I think about that length of time…….it has just flown in. From memory, I think I had around 25 lessons and passed my test in 1973. I was playing for Partick Thistle at the time.

Back then it wasn’t unusual for the players to use public transport. I would often get two buses to training to Maryhill every morning. Or get into town, and one of the players might pick up there. So, when I passed my test, I loved the freedom it gave me and also allowed me an extra half an hour in my bed every morning as I just jumped in my car rather than buses and trains.

I passed my test in a Ford Fiesta. But my first car was a Sunbeam Rapier. I think it was a white one. I bought it second hand from a  car dealer in Glasgow, and it cost me around £800. That was a decent sum to spend back then and it was money put to good use, for sure.

I volunteered to pick a couple of the lads up every day and take them in for training. The players loved my car.

I kept the Sunbeam for nearly three years and then got a new one. I can’t quite remember but I would have been moving towards my curly perm by that stage, so maybe I got a new car with a higher ceiling in it to cope with my hair!

I still enjoy having a nice car, and it’s great just to go for long drives in the country, switch off the engine and relax. I’m probably not the most patient of drivers, so as long as there are no traffic jams, I’m happy to drive anywhere.

Number of Cars Owned: I would say more than 22 but less than 27.

Favourite Car Owned: I thoroughly enjoyed my BMW X5.

Dream Car: I would definitely love a Rolls Royce convertible. I can just picture myself driving around Glasgow in one of them!

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