Lease a Car With Bitcoin Payments? Yes…Now You Can! is the world’s first leasing company to accept Bitcoin as a payment method! As part of the company’s ongoing effort to be an “intelligent” and forward thinking business customers can now use the cryptocurrency to pay the handling charge which is collected for finance document and administration fees.

Bitcoin is being accepted by merchants across the world every day. You can currently use the currency to pay for a number of products and services ranging from holidays in the sun to a pint at the pub. Now with Intelligent Car Leasing’s decision to accept Bitcoin car leasing can be added to that list.

With a growing interest in alternative payment methods ICL is always looking to keep emerging technologies at the forefront of its business model. Keeping up to date with the range of ways in which customers interact with the company keeps Intelligent Car Leasing ahead of the competition and more open to customer demand.

The move to accept Bitcoin has seen Intelligent Car Leasing gain significant exposure in the media and positive recognition from industry peers. Leading fleet leasing technology company, Drive Software Solutions, who produce the Oracle based DRIVE product have congratulated Intelligent Car Leasing on the move to accept Bitcoin. A company spokesman said, “It is great to see an innovative company like Intelligent Car Leasing doing something as forward thinking as this to give tech savvy customers even more choice in the market.”

How do I pay?

we accept bitcoin digital sign

In order to accept payment via Bitcoin Intelligent Car Leasing uses a digital wallet to handle payments. We will always charge the market rate on exchanges automatically calculated by CoinBase; meaning there is no premium to pay for choosing Bitcoin as your payment method.

Our sales advisers will simply request payment to the email address you use with your personal Bitcoin wallet. You then need to follow the instructions through the secure process and will be provided a receipt just like if you were paying by debit or credit card in GBP.

screenshot of a sales advisor requesting a bitcoin payment from customer

About Bitcoin

Put simply Bitcoin is a peer to peer decentralised digital currency. This means a currency which is not controlled by a single core entity like the Bank of England for the pound, but is actually controlled by the owners/users themselves.

It can be obtained in several ways:

  • You can exchange pounds for Bitcoin like you would with travel money for a holiday.
  • You can accept it as payment for goods or services.
  • It can be earned via Bitcoin mining, which is a process whereby companies pay you Bitcoin to use your computer’s power to process data. Put simply it’s like being part of a big computer server split amongst thousands of machines whereby a company will pay for your input.

You can spend it by transferring Bitcoin from your own digital wallet to that of another individual or company. In this way it’s very similar to the platform that PayPal has for secure transfers of traditional currency.

Any journalists interested in this announcement can download a copy of our press release

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