The Top 10 Car Manufacturers to Follow on Twitter

silver outline of a tweeting bird with a blue gradient background.Car manufacturers have big budgets with regards to their marketing, customer relations and generally getting coverage for their brand. A big part of this process in 2014 is through social media and being ‘on the pulse’. Having the right content in front of the right people can result in an exponential surge of interest and the big manufacturers definitely understand this.

As a result there are some pretty interesting updates being posted up by some of the world’s leading car manufacturers on Twitter as they compete for your attention. This post will give a rundown of the top 10 car manufacturers to follow on Twitter for fun, interesting and sharable content.

In descending order:

#10 Kia.

Screenshot of Kia's twitter page

Kia posts up a lot of good visual content outside of straight up car promotions and feature announcements. There’s also some competitions going on currently so have a look if you’re in the market for prizes like a new iPad.

#9 Honda.

Screenshot of Honda's Twitter page

Honda is an engineering company through and through which means that their feed always includes some interesting updates that aren’t strictly within the limits of cars. If you’re into the more conceptual/experimental side of car news then Honda can provide some real gems via their UK account.

#8 Porsche.

Screenshot of Porsche UK twitter page

One of the most well known car brands worldwide, Porsche is famous for producing cars that turn heads for both their speed and looks. This UK specific Porsche account is a great place to get updates on the German manufacturer nearest to home, compared to the international account which might not be as interesting to us Brits.

#7 Land Rover.

Screenshot of Land Rover's twitter page

Land rover has a very talented marketing team overall and its social media accounts are tightly wound into any campaigns going on. Therefore the Land Rover UK account is a great place to get first peek looks into exciting new developments. The company really has a way of using visual posts to draw you in and get you clicking around.

#6 Aston Martin.

Screenshot of Aston Martin's twitter page

Everybody loves Aston Martin, they are an iconic British sports vehicle manufacturer and this means they’ve got a lot of cracking images to post up. There’s very little direct self-promotion, just a lot of visually stunning posts to drool over. That is probably one of the big advantages of being in the luxury car market; if your product is good it should sell itself (and these cars really do).

#5 Volkswagen.

Screenshot of Volkswagen's Twitter Page

Volkswagen have found a good middle ground between letting customers know about their latest products/updates and social activity purely for fun. You’ll see everything from new launch prices to biscuit version of their cars…Sweet!

#4 Renault.

Screenshot of Renault's twitter page

For a brand that isn’t traditionally thought of as overly exciting or zaney the Renault twitter account is surprisingly interesting and lively. You’ll find a mix of everyday motoring news, racing, updates and just plain interesting pictures relating to their cars or secondary activity. Just give it a follow and you’ll see what we mean with this one!

#3 Jaguar.

Screenshot of Jaguar's Twitter page

Jaguar is another iconic British motoring brand, the twitter account lives up to the company’s reputation for only doing things in a quality way. The content is visual and will entice you to click and find out the full story behind the preview picture more often than not. Not too unlike Buzzfeed you’ll quite often learn something interesting that wasn’t even on your radar before!

#2 Fiat.

Screenshot of Fiat's twitter page

Fiat’s Twitter account is a great reflection of the fun and youthful brand that they’ve built up for themselves over the years. If ever there was a car manufacturer that doesn’t need to try hard to naturally fit into social media it’s Fiat. With everything from tanks to puppies it’s just pure entertainment popping up in your feed.

#1 Nissan.

Nissan's Twitter Account Screenshot

Nissan takes the title as the #1 car manufacturer to follow on twitter. Why? Because they seriously care about customer interaction. Getting a new car is a big and exciting experience for most people, and when excited customers sometimes post photos up of themselves with their new cars on Twitter. Often Nissan will re-tweet and directly feature these posts from customers to their audience. Mixed in with a great range of informative content this is a manufacturer that takes the time to make individual customers feel special! #goodjob

That’s the end of our top 10 car manufacturers to follow on Twitter, hopefully this has saved you a bit of time and will allow you to enjoy the best of the best!

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