Mercedes-Benz A Class Review

Mercedes A-Class side shotThe new Mercedes A-Class launched in 2012 is one of the strongest sellers for this German based powerhouse. Still going some 15 years after its original launch in 1997 the A-Class shows how reliability, value and style make a combination that can last the test of time. It is currently available from ICL for only £199.99/Month for a limited time.

This review will discuss various areas of the car that make a difference from a consumer perspective. We will analyse metrics such as appearance, performance and cost to give you the overall verdict on the Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

Design & Appearance:

A-Class design reviewThe new A-Class has taken the criticisms of older models and turned the car design on its head. This model is less compact, focusing on being an elegant car which is much longer and lower lying.

The long body puts it more in line with competing models that are targeting the same market. Previous A-class models had built the engine and other components into any space possible around or under the main cabin. This meant the car was relatively neater to the outside observer. The new A-Class has gone for a construction which is more in line with the norm for the small-mid range family market.

The new A-class still carries an unmistakably Mercedes styles front. With the dark metallic 4 front grilles and familiar headlights it resembles many of the larger Merc models available at the moment. The car is very frontally focused with an elongated bonnet, lots of driver space and a quick tapering of the window and door space as you near the back.

When combining this exterior with the sports seating and a dash that is both visually/practically appealing you can see this is a driver focused car. The rear seating is comfortable and does the job; but the real value comes from being behind the wheel in this new A-Class. The basic level package comes with some nice perks, such as Bluetooth and USB connectivity to give you remote control of your electronics whilst behind the wheel.


Car performance reviewThis car packs a good bit of punch for a mid-range premium hatchback. The quick start acceleration allows it to compete with BMW 1 series from stationary. This looks like a deliberate effort on Mercedes part to try and align their mechanical performance with that of their domestic rivals. However raw power and gusto is not the main focus behind the engineering of the A-Class. The real value comes from the handling, fuel efficiency and consistency of the ride.

Overall there are a number of positive talking points when it comes to the driving experience of the A-Class. With the diesel version giving 74.3mpg it is very fuel efficient and so doesn’t break the bank on every trip. However a few concerns have been raised about the suspension being a bit too firm and high sitting for comfort. Generally speaking this shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re navigating a large number of poorly maintained country roads. This car is designed for consistent economical driving and not negotiating rough terrain.

The 4 wheel drive system allows for a good responsive drive and firm control under most conditions. Overall the performance is very pleasing and the combination of several design factors gives good value for money. Mercedes have not focused solely on power, smoothness, durability or comfort alone but have found a good mid-point between these factors.

Safety and Reliability:

Mercedes-Benz are renowned for their safety records and keeping their customer well protected. The A-Class is no different; with the inclusion of electronic stability controls and a system built in to prevent collisions. The collision prevention system is not fully automated in terms of manoeuvring the vehicle away from danger. What it does do is help reduce damage and driver/passenger injury in the case of a collision. These high tech features are part of Mercedes mission to be at the forefront of safety in the motoring industry.

Mercedes A-Class safety test

The 2012 A-Class received a 5 start rating from the Euro NCAP:


Entry level costs for purchasing a Mercedes-Benz A-Class start at £20,370. However the A-Class can be acquired for as little as £199.99 per month through Intelligent Car Leasing.

This is a special offer from Intelligent Car Leasing which is time sensitive, so you need to act quickly to capitalise on the opportunity. If you would like to make an enquiry then please head over to the A-Class section of our special offers, configure your options and make an enquiry which will be submitted to one of our helpful sales staff.

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