My First Car By Kenny Dalglish

MY first car was a Fiat 124. I bought from a car showroom on the Great Western Road, near Charing Cross, in Glasgow in 1972. I hadn’t long passed my test by that point. I passed first time, by the way.

I couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel and out on the road. The car was brand new out of the wrapper and I was its first owner. It was a navy blue colour and I was as proud as punch driving around in it. You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. To me, it was a Rolls Royce.

My dad was very much into his cars and he gave me guidance and advice on that front. He came with me when I bought it. I can’t remember how much I paid for it but it would have been a fortune in my eyes, back then.

To be honest, I wanted a Triumph Vitesse because of the two headlamps on the front, but I couldn’t afford one of them. However, I thought the Fiat 124 looked similar. Truth is it looked nothing like it, but I managed to convince myself that it did.

I’d drive into training every day at Celtic Park and it felt so good to have my own car. Before I was on the road, I’d be getting buses or getting one of the boys to pick me up. So, it was great to have my independence and I really valued that.

I kept the car for a wee while and it never let me down. I think the Russians ended up buying that particular design and it then became a Lada.

Since then I’ve had many cars, from sponsored ones from my days at Celtic, Liverpool and Scotland. But regardless of what they were, I always retained a soft spot for my Fiat 124.

Kenny Dalglish Key Facts

Number of Cars owned: About 25

Favourite Car Owned: Definitely my Fiat 124 – in terms of cars, my first love!

Dream Car: They haven’t made it yet, but one which you don’t need to stop and fill up with diesel fuel, or put air in the tyres or take for a service. So, there’s a challenge to all the manufacturers!

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