New Research Highlights Working Mums Enter 2021 “More Resilient Than Ever”

In line with the launch of our new family leasing hub, we’ve conducted a detailed study on the impact of COVID-19 and Lockdown on the UK’s working mums.

The majority of working mums will enter the New Year more resilient and with stronger relationships with their children, according to a new study* by

The findings reveal the strength of reserves found by working mums to overcome the impact of Covid-19 restrictions. Despite having to juggle their job with child and parental care, household chores and homeschooling, three-quarters of working mums say they feel more resilient (73%) and closer to their children (72%) than ever before.

Our research has found that 55% of mums with jobs work between 20 and 50 hours a week, with the average being 21 hours. One in five (19%) working mums increased their working hours in lockdown despite the additional pressures at home.

In addition to their professional workload, two-thirds of working mums have taken on more household chores (66%) than their partner, and more childcare than their partner (62%).

In fact, has calculated that 86% of a working mother’s average week is spent helping others, whether that be working, supporting their family or doing chores.

Martin Brown, Managing Director of said: “Working mums enter 2021 having faced unprecedented challenges, and having overcome them. The majority have successfully juggled increasingly difficult home lives with additional professional responsibilities, too.

“Taking on the majority of childcare and household chores whilst also holding down a job is hard under normal circumstances. In lockdown, working mums have proven just how resilient they are.”

The research also revealed that some 3.45 million working mums (69%) manage up to six hours of physical exercise a week. Just over 3 million (61%) say they find up to six hours of ‘me time’ every week to keep their mental health in check.

Martin Brown continued: “The pandemic delivered a shift in lifestyles which millions have never experienced before. It brought out the best in many, whilst they faced some of their toughest times.  Working mums are perhaps the unsung heroes of 2020, and as we look to enter fresh restrictions to manage the virus in 2021, we hope they can continue to support the nation’s families.”



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