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Written by Kevin Blackmore

With the news that sales of electric vehicles have soared by over 88% in the first four months of 2022 alone, it’s clear that drivers are fully embracing electrification. If you’re not already driving an electric vehicle, you’ve no doubt noticed an increasing number of them on the road.

As a convert to electric driving (I drive a Volkswagen ID.3) I can’t imagine going back to a petrol or diesel car – it would just be too much of a step backwards in terms of fuel cost, performance, comfort and of course, emissions.

In fact, we’re all fans of electric driving at Intelligent Car Leasing. So, I thought it would be interesting to ask a small cross-section of the ICL team to pick an EV that they like or would recommend.

The team selected a wide range of models from city cars to performance models, which just goes to show that when it comes to EV’s there really is something for everyone!

BMW i4 M50
Alastair Crawford – Leasing Specialist

If I had to choose an EV, I’d opt for the BMW i4 M50. It’s the first electric car to have been worked on by BMW’s famous M Power division, and I think it looks fantastic. The angular take on the iconic kidney grille harks back to classic BMWs such as the 303 and the 328, which gives it an aggressive front end that’s complemented by two BMW M eDrive motors that develop over 500hp. And it’s no slouch when it comes to range either, offering an impressive 300 plus miles per charge. For my money, this is the perfect blend of sustainability and performance, though I confess to being a little biased in this regard having previously worked with BMW’s M and i divisions. Nothing beats a Bimmer!

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Audi e-tron
Charlie Strand – Social Media Manager

When it comes to EVs, my first choice would be the Tesla Model 3. But if I had to pick something less obvious, I’d opt for the Audi e-tron. The first fully-electric SUV from the German automaker, the e-tron is a great combination of practicality, sporty looks and technology such as the impressive virtual cockpit and neat touches like side cameras in place of traditional wing mirrors. For my money, it’s the complete electric SUV package handling everything you could throw at it – from everyday driving to off-road adventures.

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Peugeot e-2008 GT
Derek Hunter – Leasing Specialist

Peugeot is on a bit of a roll these days with a newfound sense of style, and the electrification of two of its most popular models. For me, the e-2008 GT is the sweet spot of the entire Peugeot range. Sharp styling, the practicality of a small SUV and decent spec including leather seats, leather, sensors, reversing camera and sat-nav, all at a very reasonable price point. The fact that it’s also an EV is the icing on the cake!

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Anthony Richardson – Leasing Specialist

When it comes to eye-catching EVs, the CUPRA Born ticks a lot of boxes for me. It’s basically a sporty Volkswagen ID.3 – both of which are built on Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform. It goes well beyond the ID.3 in terms of looks though. The gloss back and 20” copper wheels are a stunning combination, though even the standard Vapour Grey paint looks amazing. The interior is a cut above the sterile ID.3, and, if like me you like your tunes, then the convenience of wireless CarPlay coupled with zero engine noise makes this Iberian hot hatch a visual and sonic winner.

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Kia EV6
Niamh Fulton – Pricing Analyst

Kia is going up-market with the EV6. It’s great-looking and the cabin is super-comfy and spacious with a flat floor and curved driver display screen that helps give the interior an open feel. The GT and GT-Line models feature nifty ‘relaxation seats’ upholstered in a special fabric made of recycled plastics, while the lack of an engine has allowed Kia to extend the interior to provide loads of legroom for rear passengers. Comfort combined with stunning looks and technology, the EV6 is my electric car of choice.

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BMW iX xDrive50 M Sport Ultimate
Will Pirie – General Manager South

The new iX is built on BMW’s cutting-edge 5th generation eDrive technology which can catapult the iX M Sport from 0 – 60 in just 4.6 seconds while offering the assurance of 4WD and a massive 381-mile range. Performance doesn’t come at the expense of comfort though. Whether I was doing the daily commute or taking the family on a trip further afield, I’d fully expect that BMW’s renowned cabin quality and technology would make every journey in the iX a pleasure. If I had to pick, this would be the EV for me, without a doubt.

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MG 5 Long Range
Patrick Carolan – Leasing Specialist

MG scored a big hit with their MZ electric SUV, and I reckon the MG5 Long Range is a winner for those looking for extra space without the bulk of an SUV. At under £30,000 it’s on par cost-wise with traditional combustion-engined estates and its 210-mile range is one the best at this price point. If you don’t want to be part of the SUV crowd, but need the extra space, then this estate car is an affordable and practical way to enjoy zero-emission driving.

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