Tesla beats all comers to best-selling SUV crown

Written by Charlie Strand

Tesla is the number one in Europe.

Not the The Model 3 but the new Model Y SUV.

In the first half of this year it was the best-selling medium sized premium SUV in Europe, even beating the Mercedes-Benz GLC. It was also the best-selling electric car in Europe for the first half of this year.

The all-electric SUV has steadily been finding fans as it has been rolled out across Europe and the UK.

In fact in July it was the number 2 best-selling car in the UK, behind the Vauxhall Corsa in first and ahead of the MINI in third. It also finished the halfway point as the 10th best-selling car behind the Volkswagen Golf in ninth. And, to add to its list of accolades, it was also the only fully electric model in the top 10 charts.

That’s pretty impressive for a car that only was available from the beginning of this year. And for a premium SUV that’s exceptional.


So what makes the Tesla Model Y so popular?

Well, glad you asked. For starters it’s an SUV, and that style remains in demand big time. It’s also electric. So that’s good, too, with electric car sales on the rise.

It’s also easy to make a decision on which model you want. There are only two: the Long Range and the Performance model.

The Long Range gives you a hugely impressive 331 miles of range on a charge which will get you most places you want to visit. And by the time you need a stop, you can visit a Tesla Supercharger site to quickly replenish the battery. So there’s no fear of range anxiety – or charging anxiety come to that.

The Performance model doesn’t go so far on a charge, but it does zap you towards the horizon rather faster: in just 3.5 seconds to be exact. Wow! That is quick.

Inside the Model Y you’ll find the usual stripped back Tesla interior from the Model 3, with the dashboard dominated by a huge screen, which is the command and control centre.

It’s also highly practical. There’s a boot at the front and at the rear hatch, a big boot which can be extended by lowering the rear seats which creates an entirely flat floor.

There’s also plenty of leg space in the rear as well as headspace. So if you want a car to transport ever-growing teenagers, then the Y should accommodate them happily.

If you fancy the best selling SUV, then both Tesla Model Y versions are available to lease from Intelligent Car Leasing.

So that’s the Model Y. But what if Tesla’s not your thing. So…


What about the Tesla Model Y rivals?

The Mercedes-Benz GLC finished in second place.

This mid-size SUV gives you all the style and prestige you could want from the three-pointed star.

Given an overhaul back in 2019, the GLC is rapidly gaining in popularity thanks to its range of engines – choose from an economical diesel (or diesel plug-in hybrids for business drivers) or the full-on AMG models, there’s pretty much everything your right foot could wish for. Not to mention its luxurious interiors.

You can experience one for yourself with our latest leasing offers on the Mercedes GLC.

In third place was BMW, arch rival to Mercedes, with its always popular BMW X3.

Sharply styled, the X3 delivers on the driving excitement while still remembering it’s a practical SUV. There’s a wide range of diesel and petrol engines and plug-in hybrids for business drivers wanting a tax-efficient choice.

We particularly like the M Sport versions but head over to see our selection of X3s available to lease.

Step this way if you don’t fancy a premium German model and into the fourth-placed Volvo XC60.

You’ll be rewarded with a classy interior and a serene ride. Not only that,  you can choose from petrol, diesel and highly efficient plug-in hybrid variants for company car tax savings.

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Of course, a list of SUVs would not be complete without that other German premium marque, Audi. Just as well, then, that in fifth place was the Audi Q5.

Beautifully built, exquisitely executed, the Q5 is supremely capable. Choose from petrol, diesel and company car driver oriented plug-in hybrid petrol engines and then sit back and enjoy fuss-free motoring mile after mile.

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If a Tesla Model Y or an SUV is not your lease car of choice, then we have a fabulous range of different car options to suit a range of monthly budgets and all are in stock. All you need to do is start searching here!

Happy car hunting!


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