Winter Driving Tips

Winter Vehicle Survival Kit

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The Ultimate Guide to staying safe on the roads this winter (2020/2021 Update)

The winter months are fast approaching and with this time of year comes a range of hazardous driving conditions, an increased risk of breakdowns and generally slower journey times. This is in addition to COVID-19 and the requirement to keep your car clean and free from the virus!

Therefore, it’s essential to make preparations before venturing out on the roads. We’ve pulled together this helpful infographic to keep you right.

The Ultimate Winter Driving Survival Kit - Infographic

Winter Driving Infographic Transcription (for low data connections)

Don’t venture out in winter conditions until you have checked off this list.

Snow and ice doesn’t always need to be hell on the roads. Our survival guide could help you keep safe through the wintery conditions.

If properly prepared, driving in winter should be a safe and stress-free experience. And if the dreaded snow does close in, arm yourself with the right kit and it will make all the difference if you do get stuck. There’s nothing worse than getting caught short.

And with COVID-19, this winter will be a double-whammy. So in addition to being prepared for wintery weather, don’t forget to keep your car clean so you’re safe in your car and on the road!

The Essential Driving Kit for Winter

  • Fully-Charged Mobile Phone
  • Collapsible Snow Shovel
  • Ice Scraper and De-icer
  • Phone Charger or USB Power Pack
  • Chocolate or Cereal Bars
  • Extra Screenwash
  • Blanket or Sleeping Bag
  • Flask of Hot Drink
  • Warm Winter Coat
  • First Aid Kit
  • Sturdy Footwear
  • Sat Nav for Diversions
  • Spare Facemasks
  • Hand Sanitiser

Top Winter Tips

Clear Away All Snow and Ice

Driving with lots of snow on your roof can land you with a fine. In addition, make sure all windows are de-iced and snow free. All-round visibility is vital in poor weather!

Check Your Tyres

Keep your tire tread above 4mm to ensure you have proper traction and grip. Properly inflated tyres are also essential for good grip. You may also want to consider swapping to winter tyres.

Keep Your Fuel Topped Up

Never drive in wintery conditions with less than a half tank of fuel in case you get stuck in long queues and need to use your heating.

Precondition Your Battery

If you drive an EV and your car has the option, preconditioning your battery before you set off will improve your range in cold weather.

Share Your Travel Plans

Let someone know where you are going and what time you hope to arrive, so that they can raise the alarm if you get into trouble.

Drive Safe!



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