Winter Vehicle Survival Kit

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The winter months bring with them hazardous driving conditions, an increased risk of breakdowns and generally slower journey times. Therefore, it’s essential to make preparations before going out on the roads, see our handy infographic below to keep you right:

Infographic transcription (for low data connections):

Snow and ice doesn’t always need to be hell on the roads – our survival guide could help you keep safe through the wintery conditions.

Arm yourself with the right kit and it will make a big difference if you do get stuck. There is nothing worse than getting caught short!

• A fully charged mobile phone
• An in-car phone charger or power pack
• Snacks – chocolate or cereal bars
• A blanket, rug or sleeping bag
• A flask of hot drink
• Torch and batteries
• Shovel
• Grit or Salt
• Ice scraper and de-icer
• Extra screenwash
• A warm winter coat
• Sturdy footwear
• First aid kit
• Sat-nav for a diverted journey

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