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What are my options when it comes to EV charging?

What are my options when it comes to charging?

Generally speaking, most people new to electric cars worry about having the car ‘on charge’ all the time.

But this lessens with familiarity. After all, you do not fill your petrol or diesel car up with fuel the moment it reaches close to half empty. The same is true of EVs.

One of the leading providers of electric vehicle charging is Pod Point. The company says that, from its experience with users, 60% of charging is done at home; 30% at work; and the remaining 10% at destination chargers or en route.

Charging your EV or Plug-In Hyrid at Home

The charging requirements and options differ depending on whether you’ve chosen a PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid EV) or a fully electric vehicle (EV).

For those considering a PHEV, you will be able to charge your car through the house mains. A BMW 330e, for example, will take just three hours to charge on a standard three-pin plug connection.

Wheras, with an EV you'll likely require a home charger. Although it’s possible to charge your EV via the house mains, expect charging times to be longer – somewhere in the region of 10 hours for a Hyundai Ioniq as an example. There are two types of home chargers most commonly used:  3.7W and 7 kW. While a 3.7W charger provides home charging 1.6 times faster than a three-pin plug, the 7kW charger will charge your car three times quicker. A 22kW charger is also available – this provides rapid charging speeds, however this requires three-phase power.

You can order a home charger either as a standalone unit or ‘tethered’. With the former you use the charging cables supplied with your car; with the latter, the charging cable is attached.

The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargepoint grant allows people who live in rental accommodation or own a flat to reduce the cost of buying and installing a home charger by £350.

Charging your EV or Plug-In Hybrid at Work

As the number of EVs and HEVS on our roads continues to increase, we’re seeing the number of workplaces providing free or low-cost charging solutions for their staff increase as well.

Charging your EV whilst at work provides a convenient way to recharge your car whilst the car is parked during working hours.

What if I want to charge my EV or Plug-In Hybrid en-route?

With approximately 10% of EV charging done en-route, you might be wondering what charging stations are available near you, or the place you might be travelling to. You can locate your nearest charging station using Zap Map.

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