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We understand the importance of displaying your cherished plate on your new lease car. There is usually no problem with this but it is subject to obtaining the finance provider’s permission.

Here's a quick step-by-step process that should help you on your way.

Removing your private plate from your current car

1. When you remove your private plate from a car, you place the plate in what's known as ‘retention’. This means that the plate is not currently in use, but you are holding onto it until you want to use it again.

2. Visit the GOV.UK website using the link below and follow the steps provided to download and complete a V778 Retention Document.

Take a private number off a vehicle

Note: With any leased car, the finance provider is the registered owner of the vehicle. When filling out section 2 of the retention document, the finance provider must be named as the nominee.

3. Once complete, send the V778 Retention Document to us to be processed. The finance provider may also charge an administration fee to process the form so it's best to check with us before sending your document in case an additional payment is required.

4. After submitting the V778 Retention Document, you will receive a V778 Retention Certificate proving you still have the right to use the plate.

5. Some finance providers may also require a declaration document to be completed. Get in touch with us and we'll let you know if this is the case. Once this has been processed, the finance provider will then allow you to fit the plate to your new car yourself.

End of Contract

At the end of your contract, you need to take the plate off the car before it is returned to the finance provider and replace the original plates. You then have the option of putting your plate on retention (as described above), or transfer it to your new car.

If you wish to put your private registration onto a new vehicle you should download a V317 form from the GOV.UK website using the link below then follow these steps.

Form V317: Application to keep a vehicle registration number and put it on another vehicle

Section 1: Select the option you are applying for.

Section 7: Complete the vehicle details only. The registered keeper section will be completed by the finance provider.

Section 8: You should leave this section blank.

Section 9: Complete the grantee details and sign the grantee box only.

Once complete, the document should be send to us at the following address along with a cheque made payable to the DVLA for £80:

Intelligent Car Leasing 
Skypark 1
9th Floor
8 Elliot Place
G3 8EP

The finance provider may also charge an administration fee to process this so it is best to check with us before sending your document in case additional payment is required.

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