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Renewing your vehicle lease

If your lease is coming to end, you're probably wondering what the next steps are to returning your current vehicle and swapping it for a shiny new one. The good news is we've made the process of renewing super simple with this short and helpful guide. 

For ease, we've broken this into two parts:

1. Returning your current vehicle
2. Choosing a brand new vehicle



1. Returning your current vehicle


Step 1: Arranging collection

Whilst it's your responsibility to arrange collection of your current vehicle, we're here to assist you

If the vehicle is not collected on or before the end of the contract you will continue to be charged the appropriate rental. Your contract may enable you to formally extend your vehicle lease. If you decide to do so, you must complete formal contract extension documentation prior to the contact end date. 


Step 2: Preparing your vehicle for collection

When the time comes to return the vehicle, please ensure you allow at least five working days when arranging your preferred collection date. 

It's then really important that you take time to prepare the leased vehicle for a collection day inspection. The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) advise that you thoroughly begin to check the condition of your vehicle 10-12 weeks before it is due to be returned, this lets you identify any damage that does not fall within the fair wear and tear guidance and will likely require repair. Where there is damage outwith BVRLA fair wear and tear, charges may be applicable. 



Step 3: Collection day

When collection day arrives, the person coming to take the vehicle will perform a quick check of it's condition and capture your end of lease mileage. At this point, you want to ensure:

  • Keys, including spares and all vehicle documents such as the manual, etc., should be present.
  • The vehicle should have a valid MOT up to and including the day of collection.
  • The vehicle’s condition must meet the minimum guidelines for fair wear and tear as set out by the BVRLA.
  • If the vehicle has a private plate, it must be de-registered before the vehicle can be collected. Please contact us to begin this process.


2. Choosing a brand new vehicle

New cars to lease

If you're renewing your lease with Intelligent Car Leasing, we strongly recommend you arrange this as soon as possible to avoid any delay's due to the current semi-conductor shortage which may adversely affect stock and delivery timescales. 

We will also try and arrange collection of your existing vehicle on the same day as delivery of your new vehicle to make the transition as seamless as possible. 

To get started, browse our latest car leasing offers now or contact your leasing advisor to explore options. Once again, we look forward to helping you find your perfect your new car! 



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