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Van Contract Hire

An introduction to van contract hire

With van contract hire, unlike a vehicle purchase, you will drive a brand-new van for an agreed period of time (usually 2 years to 4 years in length), on an agreed mileage arrangement with monthly payment installments that are fixed and set within your budget. 

Three key variables will determine what the monthly payments in a contract hire will be. These include:

  1. The value of the van or vehicle you are considering
  2. The contract period (length of contract term you can drive the van for)
  3. The annual mileage you expect to drive
  4. Wether you have opted for an optional maintenance package to cover for you for routine servicing, tyres and wearables. 

Can you take a contract hire on all vans available on Intelligent Van Leasing?

The simple answer is yes.

We supply all leading makes and manufacturers from our network of manufacturer franchised dealers.  

What are the key benefits of Van Contract Hire?

  • You'll pay a low inital rental on any van available via our website. You can also opt for a no deposit van lease - where no downpayment is required.
  • Flexible contract terms to suit your business or personal needs
  • Low risk! With contract hire you do not carry any risk of depreciation following your use of the vehicle. The vehicle is simply returned and you are then free to order a brand-new one.
  • Tax Benefits that include the ability to reclaim your VAT on lease rental fees, maintenance and the finace element for commerical vans.
  • You can reclaim corporation tax
  • Road tax is included in your van lease agreement

If you have more questions about leasing with Intelligent Van Leasing head back to our van leasing guide or please get in touch




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