Is Britain Ready For Driverless Cars? New Research Says No.

If you follow any sort of motoring or lifestyle columns then it’s very hard to not read about driverless cars. It wasn’t too long ago that the idea of a car that drives itself was contained to the realm of science fiction. Now there are road-legal cars that don’t need human control in order to get from A to B being tested in live traffic all over the world.

Therefore it’s no wonder that this new and exciting technology is getting a lot of press coverage. However, just because people are interested in the development of autonomous vehicles, it doesn’t mean they’d actually adopt them in practice.

Having looked around Intelligent Car Leasing found few studies looking into the likely adoption/acceptance rates of self-driving vehicles, and none looking only at the UK market. So we decided to conduct our own study to see what Britain’s attitude towards driverless cars really is.

The results show a real lack of confidence and trust in self-driving vehicles, you can see a full write up of the study here with responses, analysis and the implications for car manufacturers –

It’s likely a long way away before we see a noticeable amount of autonomous vehicles on the road, if ever! So have a read of the results, muse things over and in the meantime enjoy driving (while you can still do it yourself).

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